The epic collision of marketing and technology on video

Marketing Technology Sketch

The good folks at Godfrey have posted all the videos and presentation decks from their FWD:B2B Conference, which was held earlier this month at the beautiful Ware Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Here’s the video of my presentation on the epic collision of marketing and technology, which covers three major shifts in marketing that have rippled […]

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2 important agile marketing insights from HubSpot’s CMO

Mike Volpe presenting on Agile Marketing

Kudos to Frank Days, John Cass, and now Amy Callahan, who have kicked started the Boston Agile Marketing Meet-Up back into gear over the past couple of months. In September, David Quinn of EMC gave a terrific presentation of their experience with agile marketing, the video of which is available on YouTube. (You can also […]

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The many marketing departments of tomorrow

The Many Marketing Departments of Tomorrow

Before I get an inbox full of angry emails from everyone who doesn’t work in the marketing department, let me disclaim that the above diagram was intended somewhat humorously. Hey, it’s Friday — lighten up! But the funny thing about humor is that it often contains a nugget of truth. Decades ago, David Packard — […]

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Why data-driven marketers shouldn’t trust the data fully

In Data We Trust

There’s a great new report out by the IBM Institute for Business Value, Analytics: A blueprint for value, that’s well worth reading. The above graphic — stating that 66% of leaders from their research are “confident” in their data and “trust” it — is excerpted from it. However, this post is not about that report […]

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The epic collision of marketing and technology

The Epic Collision of Marketing and Technology

Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting at the FWD:B2B Marketing and Technology Conference organized by Godfrey, one of the world’s leading B2B marketing agencies, along with several of my heroes in digital marketing, including Michael Brenner and Paul Gillin. My topic was “the epic collision of marketing and technology,” which is admittedly a hyperbolical […]

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Digital is easy. Try A/B testing in the real world.

Uncontrolled by Jim Manzi

If I was going to recommend one book for an executive to read about the power of controlled experiments in business, it would be Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society by Jim Manzi. It’s impossible to read this book and not walk away enthused about the potential of testing and […]

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The emerging third-party era of marketing automation

Marketing Automation Third-Party Software

Will marketing technology consolidate into a handful of behemoth super-platforms? Or will it continue to diversify with more innovative new software? My theory on marketing technology consolidation vs. diversification has been both. I believe that a set of “backbone” platforms will serve as the foundation of marketing’s technology infrastructure, but they will promote open APIs […]

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CEOs look toward disruptive technology more than CMOs

External Factors Shaping Enterprises

CEOs have come to recognize, more than ever, that disruptive technology poses the single biggest existential threat to the future of their businesses. Or, on the optimistic side of that coin, it promises tremendous opportunity for them to capture new ground. IBM recently released their latest global C-suite study — The Customer-activated Enterprise — and […]

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This CMO wrote the book on big data marketing, literally

Lisa Arthur

As marketers, we have more data at our disposal now than our predecessors could have imagined in their wildest dreams. However, this bounty of data is not without challenges. Two recent posts I wrote on these challenge — data is the most underutilized asset in marketing and strategic data vs. data theater — were inspired […]

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10 reasons why marketing nerds are so darn lovable

Marketing Nerd Pride

Lattice Engines was kind enough to include me in a recent list of their favorite marketing nerds. I’m certainly honored by the esteemed company they put me in, with true tech-savvy marketing wizards such as Ann Handley, Mike Volpe, Christopher Penn, David Raab, Joe Chernov, and many others whom I admire. But I have to […]

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