5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 2: Microservices & APIs

Microservices as an Application Network (MuleSoft)

The image above is from a MuleSoft presentation, Application Networks: Microservices at Netflix. This is Part 2 of a 5-part series on 5 Disruptions to Marketing (you can start with Part 1 if you haven’t already): Digital transformation redefines “marketing” beyond the marketing department. Microservices & APIs (and open source) form the fabric of marketing […]

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5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 1: Digital Transformation

5 Disruptions to Marketing

The cartoon above is “Disruptive Innovation” by Tom Fishburne. This is not your typical “predictions for 2017” story. I confess, those things aren’t my cup of tea. But it is a serious call to prepare yourself for a transformative year ahead. I believe that marketing is in the middle of five major disruptions that are […]

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A quick tour of measurement for video campaigns

Video Metrics Cycle

The following is a guest post by Steven Wastie, the CMO of Origami Logic. His epic Periodic Table of Marketing Signals guest post was one of our most popular ones this year. Video is an effective mechanism for amplifying a brand message and engaging with consumers in ways that “connect” with them. In a recent […]

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The Customer Experience Operating System (CX-OS)

The Customer Experience Operating System (CS-OX)

The following is a guest post by Gerry Murray, research manager for IDC’s CMO Advisory service and a popular speaker at the MarTech conference. All images in this post are courtesy of IDC. In the early days of the martech industry, every application had to be a standalone solution. In addition to the execution environment […]

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Gartner shares latest data on enterprise marketing tech spend

Marketing Technology Spend in 2016 by Gartner

Looking for the latest data on enterprise marketing technology spend? Look no further. Gartner recently released their CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017. It’s already been in the news because their report showed that marketing budgets climbed for another consecutive year, now up to 12% of total company revenue. It’s also received due fanfare because it shows […]

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6 marketing clouds walk into Dr. Watson’s psychology lab at MarTech

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Analyzed by IBM Watson

One of the more amusing moments at MarTech Europe in London was when Jeremy Waite — currently a strategic marketing evangelist at IBM, but previously with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and, before that, Adobe Marketing Cloud — presented the results of an experiment he conducted with IBM Watson. To answer the question, “Why Are All Marketing […]

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Marketing technologist study reveals digital business transformation

Marketing Technologist Study

Back at the MarTech conference in San Francisco this past March, we conducted a study of marketing technologists with SapientNitro. After analyzing the data, Sheldon Monteiro, the global CTO of SapientNitro, and his team finally released their report from that research this week. It’s a terrific report — well worth the wait! You can download […]

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Martec’s Law: the greatest management challenge of the 21st century

Martec's Law

Three years ago, I described a conundrum that I dubbed Martec’s Law: Technology changes exponentially, but organizations change logarithmically. As shown in the graph above, we know that technology changes at an exponential rate. This is the phenomenon of Moore’s Law — and, more broadly, Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns. But we also know that […]

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The State of Marketing Technology 2017 (hint: best-of-breed is big)

Best-of-Breed Marketing Technology Stacks

I’ve just returned from MarTech Europe in London, which was an incredible experience. I am immensely grateful for all of the amazing speakers who shared their insights and experiences with us — from ABB to Unilever — and I’ll have more to report from that event soon. But first: the opening day of MarTech Europe coincided […]

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Analytics CEO makes a passionate case against marketing attribution

Marketing Attribution Myth

The following is a guest post by Sergio Maldonado, the founder and CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence. The above cartoon by Tom Fishburne was not part of the original article. I have seen the Emperor walking naked for too long, and I wish I could be that naive kid in the crowd. I do not believe […]

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