Marketing tech landscape in 2045 will consolidate to one logo

Marketing Technology Landscape (2045)

I know I’ve sworn off of making predictions in the dynamic marketing technology space, but I’m going to make a big one today: the marketing technology landscape supergraphic for 2045 will contain only a single logo. I know, I’m not the first armchair analyst to suggest that there will be massive consolidation in the marketing […]

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Who is a marketing technologist, really? 2016 Edition

Marketing Technologist Study March 2016

The following is a guest post by Sheldon Monteiro, CTO at SapientNitro. Both he and I would really appreciate your participation in this study — it will help our whole community uncover important insights into the state of the marketing technologist profession today. We’re conducting primary research around the role of the marketing technologist. If […]

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41 marketing technology stacks from the 2016 Stackies Awards

The 2016 Stackies Awards: 41 Marketing Technology Stacks Visualized

So many projects converged for me at the MarTech conference this week in San Francisco. An amazing cast of speakers and sponsors, who knocked it out of the park (thank you!). The release of the 2016 marketing technology landscape. The shipping of Hacking Marketing. But my favorite was the unveiling of the 2016 Stackies Awards. […]

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Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2016)

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2016)

I’m posting this from the 2016 MarTech USA conference in San Francisco — a fitting venue to release the 2016 marketing technology landscape supergraphic. (Finally!) You can click on the image above for a larger version — which you’ll obviously need in order to be able to see anything more than a colorful blur. But […]

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Marketing technologist to Isaac Asimov: eat your heart out

Sheldon Monteiro: MarTech Speaker

The following is another great guest Q&A conducted by Claire Schoen, an interview with Sheldon Monteiro of SapientNitro, who will be one of our featured speakers at MarTech later this month. Sheldon Monteiro, Global Chief Technology Officer of SapientNitro, has spent more than twenty years working at the crossroads of customer experience and technology, as […]

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Insights from the architect of Agile for Marketing

Barre Hardy

The following is another guest Q&A conducted by Claire Schoen, an interview with Barre Hardy of CMG, who will be one of our featured speakers at MarTech later this month. Barre Hardy is Associate Partner, and head of the marketing performance practice at CMG. She created the firm’s Agile for Marketing practice and leads The […]

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Marketing hated IT, and IT hated marketing — and that wasn’t right

Rohit Prabhakar: MarTech Speaker

The following is another guest Q&A conducted by Claire Schoen, an interview with Rohit Prabhakar of McKesson, who will be one of our featured speakers at MarTech next month. Rohit Prabhakar is the Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Technologies at McKesson. His LinkedIn profile succinctly sums up his experience and outlook as “sales […]

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What do marketing technologists want? This recruiter found out…

What Marketing Technologists Want

Erica Seidel, who runs The Connective Good, specializing in recruiting leaders in marketing analytics and marketing technology — and who has also graciously served on the advisory board for the MarTech conference and will be a moderator at our big event in San Francisco next month — has said that the right marketing technologist can […]

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How Marketers Can Earn Better Grades From The C-Suite

Laura Patterson — MarTech Profile

The following is a guest Q&A conducted by Claire Schoen of Third Door Media, the producers of the MarTech conference series. Claire interviews Laura Patterson, president & co-founder of VisionEdge Marketing, who will be one of our featured speakers at MarTech next month. As President of VisionEdge Marketing (VEM), Laura Patterson is a champion of […]

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The Role of MarTech in Customer Service — The New Marketing

Jay Baer

The following is a guest post by Jay Baer, one of the most influential marketing authors and speakers out there. Jay’s last book, Youtility, was highly inspirational in my company’s shift towards interactive content a couple of years ago. He was also very kind and helpful in giving me advice when I started working on […]

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