In addition to this blog, there are a number of other venues where I’ve had articles published on the subject of marketing-technology intersections and innovations, including:

Software-driven marketing ROI chapter

I recently contributed a chapter to the book Multi-channel Marketing Ecosystems, edited by Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila.

As part of their promotion for the book, the publisher has agreed to let me distribute a PDF of my chapter that discusses software as the new fabric of marketing — Software-driven marketing ROI. Click the previous link or the image to the right to download your free copy (no registration required).

Others have also covered my evangelism of this subject, including:

I also write a monthly column on Marketing Land (previously on Search Engine Land) on conversion optimization, post-click experiences, marketing experimentation and testing, and related topics. A few of my favorite columns over the past few years have included:

And, of course, I also contribute posts to ion interactive’s blog, which I might add contains many great pieces from some of the most amazing post-click marketing experts I know.

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