The Martech Show Episode #11: The Great Unbundling with Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans on The Martech Show

The Martech Show is back! Our latest episode is an interview with Benedict Evans, tech and media analyst extraordinaire, talking about his latest presentation, The Great Unbundling, and what it means for marketers and martech. Here’s a transcribed excerpt from Benedict explaining how the “The Great Unbundling” breaks the traditional silos of the different budgets […]

The Martech Show Episode #10: Lessons from a Fortune 50 CMO on Agile Marketing, Martech & More

The Martech Show Season #1 Concludes

Season #1 of The Martech Show concludes in Episode #10 with a terrific conversation with David Edelman, truly one of the the pioneers of modern, martech-powered marketing. David led the strategy and analysis practice of Digitas for the first wave of martech in the 2000’s, and then was a partner at McKinsey for the second […]

The Martech Show Episode #9: The Tech-Savvy CMO — Unicorn or Universal?

The Martech Show Episode #9: The Tech-Savvy CMO — Unicorn or Universal?

For this 9th episode of The Martech Show, I was delighted to have Rishi Dave, CMO of MongoDB, join me for a conversation about his experience as a tech-savvy CMO. Prior to MongoDB, Rishi had served as the CMO of Vonage and Dun & Bradstreet. Before that, he led digital marketing for the enterprise group […]

The Martech Show Episode #8: The Martech Suite Strikes Back?

Martech Suite vs. Best-of-Breed 2020

Ben Bloom, a senior research director at Gartner who specializes in marketing technology management, joined me for Episode #8 of The Martech Show to share some surprising data from their latest report, Marketing Technology Survey 2020. The first surprise? A pretty significant shift in the preference for integrated suites over best-of-breed solutions. Like a 30 […]

The Martech Show Episode #7: Ecosystems and the Expanding SaaS Universe

Channel Software Stack

You think there’s a lot of martech, right? But it’s only a fraction of the total SaaS universe out there. This latest episode of The Martech Show features Jay McBain, Forrester analyst extraordinaire — I’ve long been a fan of his work — sharing his insights about SaaS markets and ecosystems. Jay estimates that there […]

The Martech Show Episode #6: The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing

The Martech Show: The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing

For the fifth episode of The Martech Show, we talked about five major trends of marketing technology. For this sixth episode, we discussed the six disciplines of agile marketing. For the seventh episode, we’ll clearly need to cover seven swans-a-swimming, which would make a great viral TikTok video. Coincidence or martech numerology? You decide. Seriously […]

The Martech Show Episode #5: Martech Trends in Agency Land

The Martech Show Episode #5: AI and the Modern Marketer

Earlier this month, my opening keynote for the (virtual) MarTech Conference covered five major trends in marketing technology that are already present today but will grow dramatically over the next 10 years in The Age of the Augmented Marketer: “No Code” Citizen Creators Platforms, Networks & Marketplaces The Great App Explosion From Big Data to […]

The Martech Show Episode #4: Avoiding Bias and BS in AI and Machine Learning

How Bias Creeps Into AI and Machine Learning in Martech

Okay, the original title for this episode was, “Marketing Has a Data Farm: AI, AI, Oh!” — the kind of whimsical play on words that amuses me to no end. (I know, my bar for self-amusement is pretty low.) We intended to discuss how marketing is harnessing its troves of data through real-world examples of […]

The Martech Show Episode #3: The Road from Marketing Ops to Marketing Tops (CMO)

Martech Hiring Trends

The latest episode of The Martech Show is now available for your viewing pleasure. It was a terrific session, with special guest Erica Seidel, executive recruiter and founder of The Connective Good, along with our sponsoring guest Justin Sharaf, VP marketing at Jahia. Erica kicked off the show by walking us through the evolving trends […]

The Martech Show Episode #2: Insights from the CDP Whisperer — and his magical mystery puppet show

The Martech Show Episode #2: The CDP Whisperer

The second episode of The Martech Show is now posted for your viewing pleasure. It was a great honor to have David Raab, founder of The CDP Institute — indeed, the person who defined the customer data platform category — as my guest. David had just completed the analysis of the latest CDP Institute Member […]