5 data assumptions that marketers should avoid

Data Assumptions Marketers Should Avoid

The following is a guest post by David Dunne, CEO of Velocidi. Marketers using data to inform strategy is not a novel concept. Yet the process for harnessing this information and the amount and type of data available to marketers have converged to redefine data-driven marketing in 2017. Data that is siloed by applications, teams, […]

The rise of the marketing data lake

The Marketing Data Lake

The following is a guest post by Doug Kessler, co-founder and creative director of the B2B marketing agency Velocity. They worked closely with Informatica, one of their clients, to produce educational content on marketing data lakes, including a book by Franz Aman and Anish Jariwala. It’s some of the best writing on the topic that […]

A brief introduction to network science math in marketing

Holistic Networks in Marketing

The following article is a guest post by Tyler Foxworthy, chief scientist at DemandJump. I loved how this article connects several fields of math to marketing challenges that are being addressed with artificial intelligence. I’ve added several links to Wikipedia pages, if you want to geek out on this like I have. The field of […]

A quick tour of measurement for video campaigns

Video Metrics Cycle

The following is a guest post by Steven Wastie, the CMO of Origami Logic. His epic Periodic Table of Marketing Signals guest post was one of our most popular ones this year. Video is an effective mechanism for amplifying a brand message and engaging with consumers in ways that “connect” with them. In a recent […]

Analytics CEO makes a passionate case against marketing attribution

Marketing Attribution Myth

The following is a guest post by Sergio Maldonado, the founder and CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence. The above cartoon by Tom Fishburne was not part of the original article. I have seen the Emperor walking naked for too long, and I wish I could be that naive kid in the crowd. I do not believe […]

The absolutely epic Periodic Table of Marketing Signals

Periodic Table of Marketing Signals

The following is a guest post by Steven Wastie, the CMO of Origami Logic. While it naturally aligns with his company’s solution, I think his Marketing Signals Framework — and this absolutely epic Periodic Table of Marketing Signals — transcends their own product and is a powerful concept for marketing technlogy management. CLICK ABOVE FOR […]

A Rosetta Stone of marketing technology terminology

The Marketing Technology Rosetta Stone

Eskimoes have a large number of words for “snow” — or so goes a cliché meme that’s been around for decades. Exactly how different those words are, compared to the languages of any other culture in the world, is a matter of debate. But it’s a remark that almost always elicits a chuckle, since one […]

Storytelling and data: when beautiful metrics can’t beat words

Storytelling and Data

The following is a guest post by Sergio Maldonado, founder and CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence. Family storytelling die-hards may have heard of Bill Gordh, an award-winning, banjo-playing storyteller that has performed with the New York Philharmonic as well as at the White House Easter Egg Roll. He has also traveled extensively around the world. I […]

Why data-driven marketers shouldn’t trust the data fully

In Data We Trust

There’s a great new report out by the IBM Institute for Business Value, Analytics: A blueprint for value, that’s well worth reading. The above graphic — stating that 66% of leaders from their research are “confident” in their data and “trust” it — is excerpted from it. However, this post is not about that report […]

2 human strengths that are also 2 data weaknesses

See the pattern?

Two of the greatest strengths of the human mind in marketing: Our ability to detect patterns from imperfect information. Our ability to tell stories that resonate and spread. Ironically, these are also two of our biggest weaknesses in data-driven marketing I’m presenting today at DemandCon on a panel about effective marketing management with data. The […]