Marketing incentives for semantic web adoption

Last week, I commented on a post about the Web 3.0 Manifesto Published on ReadWriteWeb. Richard MacManus offered three free tickets to the Defrag Conference 2008 for commenters suggesting the best “web 3.0” apps. Incentives are good (more on that shortly), but it’s an irresistible topic to me regardless of a contest. I have to […]

Enterprise marketing management and the vastness of online marketing

Enterprise marketing management (EMM) software is, to a marketer-technologist such as myself, the Holy Grail of 21st century marketing. Like enterprise resource planning (ERP) for operations, its aim is to provide a holistic, integrated view of an organization’s entire marketing universe — an overarching umbrella that enables everyone from the distributed front-line up to the […]

Semantic marketing podcast with Paul Miller

Paul Miller of Talis, who also authors ZDNet’s Semantic Web blog, is one of the leading evangelists for semantic web technologies out there. He’s also the person who first inspired my musings on semantic marketing by asking, in an offhanded comment to one of my first posts, how exactly would I envision marketing and the […]

Marketing technology in a downturn

Steve Rubel has a positive post titled The Collaboration Economy that encourages marketers to face the current economic downturn as an opportunity to become more efficient, open, and collaborative. Those drivers have the potential to usher in a new generation of marketing technology, especially geared towards optimizing the communication and coordination between agencies and in-house […]