May 2009

Data web marketing presentation

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post on marketing in the semantic web (“semantic marketing”) that tackled the question of what marketing might be like in the semantic web. I should say that now, the semantic web is probably better thought of as a “web of data” — analogous to the existing web of human-readable content, but layered with structured and linked data that software can easily process. If you haven’t yet …

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Google encourages structured data on your web site

Exciting news came out of Google’s Searchology event yesterday for the advancement of semantic web adoption: the announcement of Rich Snippets in Google search results. Google is now starting to pay attention to structured data that is embedded — using either microformats or RDFa — in the web pages it crawls. And now, via these rich snippets, Google will start displaying that structured data in the search results. At the moment, these rich snippets only …

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Marketing automation and Jurassic Park

I recently saw the movie Jurassic Park again. It’s about an island of cloned dinosaurs, intended as a kind of zoo and amusement park, that spirals out of control during a pre-opening inspection. Spiraling out of control is a euphemism for having ravenous pre-historic creatures devouring everyone in sight. (Remind anyone of their last budget meeting?) It made me think of marketing automation. One of the characters is a mathematician who specializes in chaos theory, …

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