An inspiring case of IT-marketing governance

I have to share an inspiring IT-marketing experience with you. I’ve advocated before that IT doesn’t need to own and implement all technology in an organization in order to provide valuable guidance and oversight. Instead, the CIO can provide governance on independently operated technology projects much in the same way that the CFO provides financial […]

Analytics: it’s not about the math

Earlier this month, I attended eMetrics and Conversion Conference in San Francisco, part of a “data-driven business week” federation of related events. One of the highlights was a keynote by Tom Davenport — author of the bestseller Competing on Analytics — titled “The New Quantitative Era.” Tom started with the observation that analytics teams are […]

Better than “If pigs could fly…” I guess

I’ve had an AT&T iPhone for several years now, and I must confess, the service in Boston and New York has been pretty poor. Dropped calls, weak signals — the usual complaints. Which is why I found this ad in the San Francisco airport amusing: “If There Really Were a Camelot, AT&T Would Have You […]

75% of CMOs rearranging their teams in 2011

A colleague recently alerted me to an article in Marketing Week that shares new data from a Forrester report by Chris Stutzman: An astonishing 75% of chief marketing officers plan to rearrange their teams by the end of this year, according to a study seen exclusively by Marketing Week. Why? Because new forms of media […]

If it’s in an infographic, it must be true

Making the rounds on Twitter is a hilarious “infographic” by and, Why Apples Are Better Than Oranges, satirizing half a dozen different ways in which data, statistics, and visualization can be — and often are — thoroughly abused. As the soft art of marketing has been juxtaposed with the mathematical precision of analytics, […]

The tyranny of consumerization. Really?

A headline on Computerworld this morning caught my eye: Apple’s iPad 2 provokes IT anxiety. I can imagine the iPad stirring up a lot of reactions — including mere indifference — but anxiety? That seems incongruous. Unless maybe you’re HP, Motorola or Samsung. But the article starts off with, “As exciting as the new iPad […]

Visualizing marketing analytics with Tableau

Wow. Yesterday, I saw a demo of Tableau, a software package for doing “visual analysis” of databases and other raw datasets. I was amazed. That is one of the coolest pieces of software I have ever seen. In a nutshell, Tableau makes it incredibly easy to visualize the patterns and relationships in just about any […]