A Valentine’s Day ode to marketing tech entrepreneurs

Marketing Technology Entrepreneurs

Two things happen around the time I’m working on updating my marketing technology landscape graphic each year. First, I get pitched by a large number of marketing technology entrepreneurs about their ventures and visions. I sincerely regret that due to the constraints of time, I am unable to engage most of them in briefing calls […]

Marketing technology vendor lollapalooza just 52 days away

MarTech Exhibitors for March 2015

As you may know, the MarTech conference series is produced by a company called Third Door Media. They’re the amazing team that does all the hard work for the event with facilities, logistics, registration, sponsors, and exhibitors. As program chair, I get to do all the fun stuff: define the editorial agenda, work with speakers, […]

Where in the world is the 2016 marketing tech landscape?

Starting the Marketing Technology Landscape

A number of people have been asking me when the 2016 version of my marketing technology landscape will be released. The short answer is “soon.” But I’ll share some more color if you’re interested… For the past two years, I’ve gotten in the habit of working on that landscape over the Christmas and New Year […]

Announcing the 2016 Stackies to be awarded at MarTech

Example of a Marketing Technology Stack by ion interactive

I’m excited to announce the second annual Stackies awards. Last year, we ran the inaugural Stackies as an experiment with two questions: How do marketers visualize their marketing technology stacks? How many of them would be willing to share an illustration of their stack with the rest of the community? To add a little extra […]

7 not-quite-predictions for marketing technology in 2016

Predicting the Future of Marketing Technology

Most people suck at accurately predicting the future. I’m one of them. I took my shot at the prediction hall-of-fame last year, predicting that Microsoft would spend more than $1 billion on acqusition(s) in the marketing technology space in 2015. I thought it was a reasonably solid bet. And when they tried to buy Salesforce […]

The race for the #1 and #2 marketing technology brands

Marketing Technology Market Share

Al Ries and Jack Trout, who essentially invented the concept of “positioning” in marketing, wrote a terrific book in 1993 called The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. It’s a fantastic read, and even though it’s more than two decades old, I believe it’s as relevant today as ever. To discuss marketing technology consolidation, I’d like […]

5 stages of maturity in marketing technology categories

5 Stage of Maturity in Marketing Technology

This is the first of several articles leading up to my predictions for marketing technology in 2016. Because martech is a relatively complex space, I thought it would be helpful — at least for my own thinking — to break out a couple of foundational ideas, which we can then build upon. Let’s start with […]

Marketing data technology: making sense of the puzzle

Marketing Data Technology Map

The following is a guest post by the CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence, Sergio Maldonado. I had the pleasure of meeting Sergio at MarTech Europe last month where he shared a sketch of the above “marketing data technology” landscape with me. I found it very interesting and invited him to share his perspective with readers here. […]

Twitter jumps into interactive micro-content with new poll mechanism

Twitter Poll: A New Mechanism

As an enthusiastic proponent of interactive content — and, admittedly, I am biased — I was fascinated to see Twitter release an interactive content feature into its service last month. You can now add a 2-answer poll to any tweet of yours, and for the next 24 hours, people can place their votes. Okay, given […]

Marketing isn’t alone — HR software landscape with 547 products

HR Software Landscape

My friends, the above is an infographic of 547 human resource (HR) software products across 17 categories. It was created by the smart folks at Capterra, and you can click here to view a larger version on their site. So why am I posting it here? Two reasons. First, the overlap between marketing and HR […]