6 questions with SAP’s chief marketing technologist

Andreas Starke, Marketing BIO at SAP

When I posted my presentation The Marketing Technologist: Neo of the Marketing Matrix a few months ago, one of the people who commented on it was Nancy Fessatidis, VP of Marketing Operations at SAP: Great post Scott. The CMT role has served us well at SAP. We call this our Business Information Officer (BIO). It’s […]

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Software is the new channel middleman in marketing

Software as a Channel (Expanded)

The Internet was supposed to be The Great Disintermediation Machine, collapsing the relationship between marketers and customers from this: To this: And indeed, that disintermediation has happened in many businesses. E-commerce is now over a trillion dollars a year. While some of that goes through Internet retailers like Amazon, much of it is direct with […]

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What if 1,000+ marketing technology vendors were the new normal?

50 Year Trajectory of Hardware and Software

Overcrowded. That was probably the most common remark to my latest marketing technology landscape. Well, aside from more colorful exclamations that decorum prevents me from repeating. And the truth is that this graphic, even with nearly 1,000 companies represented, was far from complete. There are hundreds of great companies that weren’t included: AppNexus, AdColony, Addroid, […]

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81% of big firms now have a chief marketing technologist

Primary Responsibilities of Chief Marketing Technologists

Looking at the latest marketing technology landscape, you might ask yourself, “How the heck do marketers make sense of all of this?” Increasingly, the answer is: they have a chief marketing technologist. A terrific new research report by Laura McLellan of Gartner, How the Presence of a Chief Marketing Technologist Impacts Marketing, confirms that this […]

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Strategy, marketing, and technology are all intertwined

Marketing, Technology, and Strategy

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose covered my latest marketing technology landscape as part of their PNR: This Old Marketing podcast this week. They start on this segment around the 24:49 mark, with a riff on the Saturday Night Live The Rent Is Too Damn High skit. “Digital marketing is too damn complicated!” It’s a terrific […]

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Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014)

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014) Thumbnail

The short version: the above graphic is the latest incarnation of my marketing technology landscape supergraphic (click for a high-resolution 2600×1950 version, 4.7MB). It represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, organized into 43 categories across 6 major classes. A high-resolution PDF version is also available (14.3MB). Please feel free to […]

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The marketing automation super-collider of 2014

Marketing Automation Vendors

I started working on a new version of a marketing landscape that will be released early next month. The last one I did was back in 2012, and a lot has happened since then. One thing in particular that has surprised me in my research is how much the marketing automation category has expanded. While […]

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Free chapter from Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems

Free chapter from Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems: Software-driven marketing ROI chapter

I recently contributed a chapter to a book called Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems, edited by Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila. The book offers a variety of perspectives from 32 contributors on “the seismic shift from a single TV-centric path to a multichannel interactive ecosystem which puts digital technology at the heart of every campaign.” To promote […]

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One CMO’s advice for getting started with agile marketing

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Sometimes an idea is just ready to happen and is simultaneously discovered by multiple people at once. A famous example is when Newton and Leibniz independently invented calculus. Another is agile marketing. Some years ago, after agile software development had gained significant momentum, several different marketing leaders independently realized, “Hey, this agile approach might work […]

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The Marketing Technologist: Neo of the Marketing Matrix

Everything digital is controlled by software

Today, I’m giving one of the opening keynotes at the Gilbane Conference, making the case for why marketing technologists are amazing, Neo-like characters in the marketing world equivalent of The Matrix. The attendees, a 50/50 mix of IT and marketing professionals, are collectively the ideal audience for this. It’s the combination of their talents — […]

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