The Martech Show Episode #9: The Tech-Savvy CMO — Unicorn or Universal?

The Martech Show Episode #9: The Tech-Savvy CMO — Unicorn or Universal?

For this 9th episode of The Martech Show, I was delighted to have Rishi Dave, CMO of MongoDB, join me for a conversation about his experience as a tech-savvy CMO. Prior to MongoDB, Rishi had served as the CMO of Vonage and Dun & Bradstreet. Before that, he led digital marketing for the enterprise group at Dell.

Rishi, whose educational background was chemical engineering, has been one of the pioneers of martech-age marketing. For this episode, we ditched the slides and just discussed Rishi’s experience in the evolution of the marketing profession:

  • Rishi’s transition to CMO — what was this like? Any surprises?
  • Agile marketing practices, modern team organization
  • Managing martech and marketing operations — experiences, insights, practices
  • Thoughts on build vs. buy marketing tech? APIs in marketing?
  • Getting broader adoption of marketing technology across the org
  • How to communicate the value of martech and marketing ops to the C-suite?
  • Relationship between marketing and IT — how has he seen that evolve?
  • Any new marketing technologies you’ve been impressed with lately?
  • 2020 “remote work” experience with marketing team
  • Advice for the next generation of aspiring CMOs

Watch the full episode here:

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