February 2009

Twitter social cycle

You have to admit, the social dynamics of Twitter are worth a chuckle, especially when you try to explain them to people who aren’t into it: You overhear something someone says. For some random reason, it intrigues you. So you start following them. And listening in on their conversations. And repeating what they say, verbatim, to your friends. You even start following their friends too. Until some minor thing they do annoys you. (“Oh, come …

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5 new skills for the future of marketing

I’ve been thinking about quintessential marketing skills and how they’re evolving. Skills can be very specific, such as “mastery of ExactTarget for newsletter email marketing”. But I’m more interested in broader skills that transcend individual projects and programs. For instance, in marketing, I’ve found that the following skills have perpetual value: empathy with customers, seeing through their eyes; a good ear for authentic, persuasive language; a good eye for compelling visual design; open-minded creativity and …

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Creative technologists in brand advertising

I recently read an excellent post by Randall Rothenberg on the IAB blog, A Manifesto on Interactive Advertising. It’s a passionate argument for a renaissance of creativity in interactive advertising — especially in the agency world. Randall decries that online advertising, while pervasive, is rarely iconic. How many people have felt good about search ads or banners? In contrast to the great campaigns of TV and print, which have deeply affected people and culture — …

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Top 10 reasons the semantic web is a lot like love

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought I’d wax a little poetic with my top 10 reasons why the semantic web is a lot like love: 10. It means different things to different people. 9. Those in it can bore everyone else to death talking about it. 8. Cynics insist there’s no such thing. 7. It’s straightforward in theory, messy in practice. 6. A few misinterpreted words can really screw things up. 5. You …

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The story of post-click marketing

If you’ll forgive me for a little promotion of my company — usually I try to keep my posts here as agnostic as possible — I’d like to share with you a book, a story, and a dream. If you’re a marketing technologist, I think you’ll find this relevant on a number of levels, especially if you have an entrepreneurial slant. Let’s start with the story. The Background Story My company, ion interactive, was launched …

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Twitter and semantic microblogging

“Life happens while you’re making other plans.” The same may be said about the semantic web. While waiting for mainstream adoption of proper semantic web standards — such as RDF metadata embedded in web pages — the drive for organized structure and meaning in the great sea of web content is being addressed in perhaps the most unexpected of places: Twitter. Technology adoption, like water, follows the path of least resistance. The explosion of hashtags …

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