A perfect storm for marketing technology

To say that there are a lot of marketing technology companies out there is a major understatement. To help picture the scale of this expanding universe, here’s just a sample of the players in the field: These are merely a fraction of the firms offering marketing automation, web analytics, campaign management, conversion optimization, email marketing, […]

Ideas for an agile marketing manifesto

While working on an article for Search Engine Land, Agile Marketing For Conversion Optimization, it struck me that there really should be an Agile Marketing Manifesto. Just as the Agile Manifesto helped coalesce a diverse collection of software developers and their various agile methodologies under a common banner, there’s an opportunity for marketers to throw […]

Business models for linked data and web 3.0

In January, I wrote a post on 7 business models for linked data (with an 8th model added shortly thereafter). Although far from comprehensive, it attempted to illustrate the range of direct revenue vs. indirect revenue models that could justify development of linked data initiatives. A number of people from the linked data community contributed […]