May 2010

The Marketing Technology Manifesto

I continue to receive terrific feedback about my presentation and essay on the rise of the marketing technologist — thank you to everyone who has contributed comments, anecdotes, and ideas. The pent up desire for marketing to take control of its technological destiny is clearly bursting at the seams. You’ve inspired me to take that 3,000 word essay and 54 slide presentation and try to boil it down to its essence, in 153 words. In …

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Trust, brands, and the marketing dashboard of the future

This week, I ran a pilot of my latest study for improving trust in online advertising — the first time I’ve run an experiment with human subjects physically in the lab. Two thoughts I wanted to share from the experience: First, don’t ever underestimate the power of brands. I’ll share more about that once we finish the study. But search marketers in particular, I cannot stress this enough: brands are immensely influential in the context …

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3 big picture marketing themes from #ConvCon

Last week was the inaugural Conversion Conference (#ConvCon), a new event organized by landing page optimization expert Tim Ash and co-located with the eMetrics marketing optimization summit. While there were plenty of terrific sessions on landing pages and conversion optimization — my post-click marketing craft and trade at ion — three larger marketing themes emerged that I want to share with you. Theme #1: Agile Marketing In conversion optimization — what marketers do to increase …

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