August 2010

Marketing in the Cloud Webinar

Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 31) at 2pm Eastern, I’ll be presenting a MarketingProfs webinar, “Marketing in the Cloud.” Sponsored by Citrix, it’s an updated take on my post about marketing in the cloud from a couple of years ago. I’m writing this last minute, but if you catch this in time, you can join the event for free by registering here. Since my original post, marketing in the cloud has come a lot more down to …

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Marketers: you are the software you use

You are what you eat. You are the company you keep. And now a new maxim: You are the software you use. Like all great maxims, of course, that’s more than a little overstated. But now that software and technology underlie almost everything we do — inside our our organizations, as well as in the media and vehicles we use to engage with prospects and customers in the outside world — it’s important to appreciate …

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The Age of Disposable Software

I have a non-green confession to make: I love paper plates. Paper plates, paper napkins, plastic forks and knives. They’re always fresh and clean. Bring them outdoors on a picnic, no worries of losing or breaking anything. Blithely sully them with cheeseburger and chili dog, potato salad and watermelon — and then simply throw them away. No cleaning, no optimizing the dishwasher. It’s an absolute miracle of modern living. Now, while I’ve curbed my desire …

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Adobe, IBM and the big business of marketing software

My friends, marketing software has officially become Big Business. Last Friday, IBM announced its acquisition of enterprise marketing software company Unica for $480 million. Combined with their August 2 acquisition of web analytics leader Coremetrics (for an undisclosed metric ton) and their May 24 announcement to acquire Sterling Commerce (for $1.4 billion) — along with its own WebSphere web application software — IBM has quite quickly assembled a premier enterprise marketing management (EMM) software portfolio. …

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Shadow IT vs. Shadow Marketing

I believe marketing must lead its own technology. As detailed in my presentation Rise of the Marketing Technologist, I think marketing departments need marketing technologists on staff, led by a marketing CTO who reports to the CMO. It’s the only prayer marketing has in a world where technology is infused into every medium and message, operating and innovating at Google speed. Predictably, this is not a popular view in the IT department. IT’s self-identity for …

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