Marketing in the Cloud Webinar

Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 31) at 2pm Eastern, I’ll be presenting a MarketingProfs webinar, “Marketing in the Cloud.” Sponsored by Citrix, it’s an updated take on my post about marketing in the cloud from a couple of years ago. I’m writing this last minute, but if you catch this in time, you can join the event […]

Marketers: you are the software you use

You are what you eat. You are the company you keep. And now a new maxim: You are the software you use. Like all great maxims, of course, that’s more than a little overstated. But now that software and technology underlie almost everything we do — inside our our organizations, as well as in the […]

The Age of Disposable Software

I have a non-green confession to make: I love paper plates. Paper plates, paper napkins, plastic forks and knives. They’re always fresh and clean. Bring them outdoors on a picnic, no worries of losing or breaking anything. Blithely sully them with cheeseburger and chili dog, potato salad and watermelon — and then simply throw them […]

Adobe, IBM and the big business of marketing software

My friends, marketing software has officially become Big Business. Last Friday, IBM announced its acquisition of enterprise marketing software company Unica for $480 million. Combined with their August 2 acquisition of web analytics leader Coremetrics (for an undisclosed metric ton) and their May 24 announcement to acquire Sterling Commerce (for $1.4 billion) — along with […]

Shadow IT vs. Shadow Marketing

I believe marketing must lead its own technology. As detailed in my presentation Rise of the Marketing Technologist, I think marketing departments need marketing technologists on staff, led by a marketing CTO who reports to the CMO. It’s the only prayer marketing has in a world where technology is infused into every medium and message, […]