50 billion reasons for marketing innovation

Mary Meeker, the renowned Internet analyst at Morgan Stanley, just gave her presentation on Internet trends at the Web 2.0 Summit. Mary’s presentations are legendary because of the clear, data-driven insights she brings to what is a huge and highly chaotic market space. In this presentation, she posed 10 questions that Internet executives should ask […]

Marketing technologists make fire

“Shouldn’t all marketers be marketing technologists?” That’s a comment I’ve been hearing more frequently. One of the more interesting objections to my case for a chief marketing technologist is, “Shouldn’t the CMO be the chief marketing technologist?” I think there are two separate ideas being confounded here: 1. Marketers who are technology savvy. 2. Technologists […]

IT dictators in an age of marketing democracy

Caron Carlson, editor of FierceCIO, just posted Letting Marketing Handle Its IT, Part 2, continuing the discussion started last week. (See my post on governance vs. management in marketing technology.) Caron highlights some of the comments left by readers to part 1 and draws her conclusion in the last two paragraphs of this new editorial: […]

Is this the future of marketing education?

While reading MapMyFollowers is a Great Twitter Data Visualization on ReadWriteWeb this morning, I saw this ad for a new graduate program offered by Columbia University: I know, the fact that someone paid attention to an ad is almost newsworthy unto itself these days. But what a fascinating program! I’ve remarked before that journalism is […]

Governance vs. management in marketing technology

My recent article in InformationWeek — on why the marketing technology genie isn’t going back into the IT bottle — has stirred a few lively responses. Caron Carlson, editor of FierceCIO — got to love that name, especially walking into a debate about the future of marketing technology — responded with an editorial to her […]