Agencies and the marketing technologist revolution

Today I’m presenting at Adobe’s Partner Community Day in New York City on the topic of the rise of marketing technologist. This is an updated and extended version of talks I gave last year at Search Insider Summit and Pivot. Since a large number of agencies will be in the audience, I’ll also discuss what […]

Forrester recommends a Marketing Technology Office

“Marketing must control its own technological destiny.” Not too long ago, that was a radical proposition. (In some IT quarters, it might still be.) But today, the esteemed enterprise analysts at Forrester released two new reports that take that proposition mainstream: Investing In Marketing’s Technology Future and Three Approaches To The Marketing Technology Office. $499 […]

The popularity contest between digital and TV

Sometimes it feels like the future takes a long time to arrive. While most of you reading this blog have likely been focused on digital marketing as the “hot spot” in marketing for a while, it’s always been surprising to me how long it’s taken legacy marketing institutions — the classic big agencies of Madison […]

More insight, less rhetoric in politics and marketing

If you haven’t already seen Jess Bachman‘s brilliant “1-page book,” Death & Taxes, you’ve got to check this out (click to enlarge): It’s a superb example of what Edward R. Tufte calls a “supergraphic.” (For more on the art and science behind such supergraphics, grab a copy of Tufte’s latest book, Beautiful Evidence.) Seth Godin, […]

Marketing technologists mourn Dennis Ritchie

Marketers are paying tribute to Steve Jobs. But marketing technologists should pay tribute to Dennis Ritchie (standing in above photo, next to Ken Thompson), who sadly passed away this past weekend. As a great article in Wired points out, Jobs stood on the shoulders of Ritchie. See, Ritchie invented the C programming language, which he […]

14 marketing technology organizational models

The good news is that, at last, everyone agrees: Marketing technology is now a major dimension of marketing. The marketing department and the IT department must collaborate. The challenge, however, is that beyond those two principles, there is a stunning diversity of opinions for how marketing technology should be managed and exactly what the new […]

Photo: make a difference by thinking differently

We were in New York this weekend, and we walked by the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. A large crowd of people had gathered around an impromptu memorial to Steve Jobs — made of post-it notes, messages on MacBook and iPad boxes, printouts of “Think Different” ads, flowers, apples. I found it touching and inspiring: […]