Godin’s hierarchy of business to business needs

The problem with the Chicago school of economics isn’t so much its belief in rational decision-making — we can save for another day the computational complexity arguments against such precision in our thinking. Rather, it’s that it is too easy to misjudge what people are optimizing in their decisions. How many times have you looked […]

CMOs are the new CIOs — crazy or prescient?

A headline on Forbes caught my eye the other day: Are CMOs the New CIOs? It cites the Gartner study following the money from IT to marketing and concludes (emphasis added is my own): The convergence between marketing and technology is undeniable, and it’s still in its infancy. Imagine a world where a brand’s success […]

Marketing technology: suite, platform, or portfolio?

This is a follow-up to my post on why marketing software will never be like ERP (but it’s still going to be a ridiculously huge, multi-billion dollar industry). The marketing technology landscape continues to expand and evolve at a breakneck pace. But while its vibrancy is in large part due to a fertile environment for […]

Engineers are becoming a lot like marketers too

I spend a lot of time thinking about how engineering culture and capabilities are seeping into marketing’s ecosystem. Marketers are becoming more tech-savvy by the day, which is a fascinating transformation to behold. But it struck me recently how much the inverse is happening too: many of the signature characteristics of marketing have now become […]

Marketing technologist: part optimist, part pessimist

I think a great marketing technologist should be part optimist, part pessimist. The optimist needs to indulge his or her imagination to drive the organization forward. To wonder, “what if?” To keep an open mind about new technologies and processes. To engage in the sort of creative free association and collaborative brainstorming that leads to […]