Conquering the challenges of social media at scale

Jeremy Epstein

“Marketing infrastructure.” Not too many years ago, that might have been nominated as an oxymoron, right up there with a deafening silence, sweet sorrow, and jumbo shrimp. But now, that’s where some of the most interesting developments in marketing are happening. Marketing operations is on the rise. Process is “the new black” in data-driven marketing. […]

Data is the most underutilized asset in marketing

Marketing Data Scientists

According to a new study on data-driven marketing by Teradata Applications (the artists formerly known as Aprimo), 45% of marketers believe that data is the most underutilized asset in the marketing organization. Most underutilized. That’s throwing down the gauntlet. And indeed, 78% of the marketers surveyed say that they feel pressure to become more data-driven. […]

How ReadyTalk successfully adopted agile marketing

ReadyTalk's Agile Marketing Scrum-ban Board

As the clockspeed of marketing continues to accelerate, more and more marketers are exploring agile marketing — the application of agile management techniques in the marketing department — as a way to adapt to this new environment. But agile marketing is not yet a textbook methodology. While agile processes have been well developed in software […]

3 important lessons for marketers from Google’s CIO

3 Lessons from Google's CIO

You can imagine that being the CIO at Google could be a pretty tough gig. The whole company is teeming with super smart engineers. A large number of them are under 30 millennials who are famously opinionated. The culture encourages this and thrives on independent initiatives. And experimental techno-Petri dishes surely sprout around every corner. […]

When a marketing technologist is also the CMO

David Newberry

There are generally two audiences for my blog: (1) CMOs and marketing executives, who want to understand how technology fits into the bigger marketing picture; and (2) marketing technologists, who know the technology and appreciate a site dedicated to their art. Every now and again, however, I connect with someone who is both a CMO […]

Marketing and technology changes continue to accelerate

Pace of Change in Marketing

If there’s one overarching takeaway from a recent survey of B2B marketing executives, it’s the one at the top of the chart above: 96% agree that the pace of change in technology and marketing will continue to accelerate. It’s been the recurring theme this year — the biggest change that marketers are facing is the […]

Beyond the technology, the art of customer experience

Darren Guarnaccia

In the upper right of Gartner’s latest magic quadrant analysis of web content management (WCM) providers — in the top of the “leaders” quadrant — there are three companies: Adobe, SDL, and Sitecore. If you’re an enterprise marketing department looking for a web platform, odds are you’re talking with one or all of these vendors. […]