January 2014

81% of big firms now have a chief marketing technologist

Looking at the latest marketing technology landscape, you might ask yourself, “How the heck do marketers make sense of all of this?” Increasingly, the answer is: they have a chief marketing technologist. A terrific new research report by Laura McLellan of Gartner, How the Presence of a Chief Marketing Technologist Impacts Marketing, confirms that this senior hybrid role — “part strategist, part creative and part technologist” and “broadly the equivalent of a CTO and a …

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Primary Responsibilities of Chief Marketing Technologists

Strategy, marketing, and technology are all intertwined

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose covered my latest marketing technology landscape as part of their PNR: This Old Marketing podcast this week. They start on this segment around the 24:49 mark, with a riff on the Saturday Night Live The Rent Is Too Damn High skit. “Digital marketing is too damn complicated!” It’s a terrific discussion about the interplay between marketing, technology, IT, strategy, and process. These were some of the points raised in their …

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Marketing, Technology, and Strategy

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014)

UPDATE: The 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape is now available. The short version: the above graphic is the latest incarnation of my marketing technology landscape supergraphic (click for a high-resolution 2600×1950 version, 4.7MB). It represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, organized into 43 categories across 6 major classes. A high-resolution PDF version is also available (14.3MB). Please feel free to copy, repost, distribute, and use this graphic “as is” in any …

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Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014) Thumbnail

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