7 not-quite-predictions for marketing technology in 2016

Predicting the Future of Marketing Technology

Most people suck at accurately predicting the future. I’m one of them. I took my shot at the prediction hall-of-fame last year, predicting that Microsoft would spend more than $1 billion on acqusition(s) in the marketing technology space in 2015. I thought it was a reasonably solid bet. And when they tried to buy Salesforce […]

Best. MarTech. Ever. Coming this March in San Francisco

MarTech: The Marketing Technology Conference

Wow, you can’t scroll a mobile screenful on Twitter these days without hitting at least three predictions for 2016. I’ve got a few bubbling in the back of my head — my recent posts on the 5 stages of maturity in marketing technology categories and the race for the #1 and #2 marketing technology brands […]

5 big martech challenges that marketers will face in 2016

Point Solutions vs. Stack Solutions

The following is a guest post by Ashu Garg, general partner at Foundation Capital. Disclosure: they invested in TubeMogul, which is mentioned in this article, as well as other adtech and martech companies. The evolution of marketing technology has come a long way this year. When I first published MarTech and the Decade of the […]

The race for the #1 and #2 marketing technology brands

Marketing Technology Market Share

Al Ries and Jack Trout, who essentially invented the concept of “positioning” in marketing, wrote a terrific book in 1993 called The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. It’s a fantastic read, and even though it’s more than two decades old, I believe it’s as relevant today as ever. To discuss marketing technology consolidation, I’d like […]