Stackers gonna stack: a great marketing stack slide from Alert Logic

Alert Logic Marketing Tech Stack for The Stackies 2018

Here’s another fun entry into The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards that I thought I’d share from Alert Logic, a leading provider of information security solutions.

There are four reasons why I wanted to call this one out:

  1. A great marketing stack illustration doesn’t necessarily need to invent a whole new way of organizing its tools and technologies to be enlightening and instructive. This is a terrific example of a marketing stack that clearly identifies the different tools in use, with a two-tier category/subcategory structure — what do they use, and what do they use it for? It’s a great reference stack. (Thank you for sharing, Alert Logic!)
  2. This slide shows that you can also have fun with your entry into The Stackies and use it as a vehicle to promote your brand to the thousands of marketers who will see these stacks. (Martech vendors, are you paying attention?)
  3. Sameer Khan, Director of Marketing Operations & Technology at Alert Logic is going to be speaking at MarTech next month on the topic of The Nuts and Bolts of Implementing an Organization-Wide Attribution Model Using Martech. You will learn how Alert Logic’s marketing operations team partnered with sales and finance to implement a company-wide attribution model. Sameer will share the lessons he learned going through the process and suggest steps you can take to successfully implement a similar attribution model in your business. It’s cool to see their marketing stack as a backdrop for that session.
  4. It’s a reminder that security and compliance are an increasingly important part of the responsibilities of marketing technology and operations teams. This will be a theme that is addressed several times at the upcoming MarTech conference — including an opening day keynote discussion between myself and Holly Rollo, the CMO of RSA Security. Other sessions will dive into topics such as GDPR and detecting “fake news” dynamics in social media marketing. Privacy software company OneTrust will also be giving a sponsored breakfast talk.

So I leave you with two reminders:

First, if you would like to contribute a slide of your marketing stack to The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards, you have a little less than two weeks left to send it in. The deadline for entries is midnight Pacific time on Friday, April 6. (In addition to the gratitude from the martech community — and a chance to win an award at MarTech — we’re also donating $100 for every entry into The Stackies, up to $10,000, to Girls in Tech.)

Second, the MarTech conference in San Jose is less than a month away, April 23-25. check out the great agenda that awaits you there and “secure” your ticket today.

MarTech West 2018 Agenda

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