The Martech Show Episode #11: The Great Unbundling with Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans on The Martech Show

The Martech Show is back! Our latest episode is an interview with Benedict Evans, tech and media analyst extraordinaire, talking about his latest presentation, The Great Unbundling, and what it means for marketers and martech. Here’s a transcribed excerpt from Benedict explaining how the “The Great Unbundling” breaks the traditional silos of the different budgets […]

More evidence that the Golden Age of Salestech has arrived

2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape

Just last month, I wrote that salestech is the new martech, and that it’s supercharging both professions. Here’s more data to support that case. First, the 2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape above, produced by Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools, was released last week. It now features 1,078 solutions across 45 unique categories. It reminds me […]

No code app creators, startups, and the future of enterprise marketing

Where Do (Bubble) No Code Users Work?

Bubble is one the leading no code platforms for building web apps. The team at Blue Green and I dabbled with it a bit for producing The Martech 5000 online database last year, and I was impressed by its power and flexibility. (For a richer example of what can be built, check out Martechbase, built […]