July 2021

The Quest for the Holy Grail: Martech Edition

There’s a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where God appears in the clouds — in delightfully unsubtle Monty Python fashion — and commands Arthur and his knights to seek the Holy Grail. (Arthur: “Good idea, O Lord!” God: “‘Course it’s a good idea!”) I was reminded of that scene when reading the new Marketing Technology Overload? report released this week from the Tech Marketing Council. They asked senior marketing leaders — as …

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Integrate Thy Martech

Should you build or buy martech? Yes

“Homegrown martech is like homemade pizza.” That’s the kind of quip I might have likely shot back a couple of years ago if someone asked me, “Should we build our own martech software or buy a packaged app from a martech vendor?” It’s not that you can’t make your own pizza at home. Anyone can. I have. But making great pizza at home? Eh. You need a combination of skills, ingredients, the right pizza dough, …

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Martech Stacks: Suites, Platforms, Best-of-Breed, Custom, Hybrid

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