This isn’t hyperbole: we have some big counterintuitive revelations coming on #MartechDay 2024

#MartechDay 2024

If you only attend one online event this year… well, then it’s clearly not 2021 anymore! 😀 But this one is worth it. I guarantee you will be surprised, if not shocked, by what we share.

On Tuesday, May 7, Frans Riemersma and I will host our annual #MartechDay celebration. We’ll release the epic 2024 martech landscape. We’ll publish a deeply researched State of Martech report. We’ll host the 2024 Stackie Awards. And we’ll interview experts from our five lovely sponsors on the disruptions reshaping marketing as they see it.

You can be the first to get all of these assets — the landscape, the report, the complete deck of all the Stackies — and watch our presentation live or on-demand. Simply register for free and we’ll send the private access link to your inbox of choice.

Skeptical? Wondering just how big and counterintuitive our revelations are going to be?

We’ll give you a few hints.

First, we have not one but two surprises for the 2024 martech landscape. Two things happened — or, as it turns out, didn’t happen — over the past year that caused our eyes to widen in disbelief. One of them was so astonishing to us that we had to check the data twice to confirm it wasn’t an error. It wasn’t. And, no, it’s not about the growth or shrinkage of the map. At least not directly.

2024 Martech Landscape ????

There are also some really interesting changes to the landscape this year as a result of AI. But that wasn’t surprising. We expected it, and I’m sure you did too. But the empirical data is fascinating nonetheless.

Our other big counterintuitive relevations came from a survey of marketing operations and martech professionals on the true nature of “composability” in martech stacks today. Lots of great findings about the composition of B2C and B2B stacks, the aggregation platforms holding them together, and the integration of data warehouses.

Different Kinds of Composability in Martech

But two findings in particular stopped us in our tracks because they refute conventional wisdom about martech that the CMO, CFO, and CIO have accepted as gospel.

One counterintuitive finding will flabbergast finance.

Another counterintuive finding will gobsmack IT.

We expect both of them will trigger spicy debate. But as we dug into further research to validate these findings, they have held up under scrutiny.

In our #MartechDay keynote, Frans and I will spend a full hour walking through the new landscape and diving into the findings from our composability research. We’ll then interview experts from our five sponsors — GrowthLoop, MoEngage, SAS, Syncari, and WordPress VIP — to get their perspective on topics such as cloud data campaigns, data automation, data supply chains, and the AI-powered frontier of cross-channel marketing.

We’ll then close the event with an awards ceremony for the 2024 Stackies, highlighting five of the “best” illustrations of martech stacks. (It’s not too late to enter with a slide of your own martech stack! You have until April 26 to send one in. There’s no fee to enter, and for every legit entry, we’ll donate $100 to UNICEF, up to $10,000.)

Catch it live or on-demand. But you must register to get your access link. See you then!

2024 Stackie Awards

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