Introducing Scram: Hyperagile Marketing Practices for a Hyperautomation, Hypergrowth World

Hyperagile Marketing

Agile management was born 20 years ago, to help teams operate better in a fast-moving, ever-changing, digital world. Agile originated in software development circles, with a bunch of programmers high in the mountains, and spread to other disciplines, eventually marketing. (“Hey, what are you all doing, standing around, chatting in a circle? With a whiteboard? […]

There are as many European-based martech products today (3,647) as there were globally in 2016

2021 European Martech Landscape Supergraphic

I remember the mad rush to finish the 2016 marketing technology landscape five years ago, just in time to present it for my opening keynote at that spring’s MarTech conference in San Francisco. In the previous years — 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015 — the landscape had grown exponentially, from 150 solutions to just under […]

212 event-related martech companies. Make that 268. Wait, no, 316…

Event-Related Martech: How It Started, How's It Going

I still remember fondly my young and innocent days a decade ago when I created the first marketing technology landscape. It categorized ~150 martech solutions — which at the time seemed epic in scale. “This must consolidate!” Ah, such innocence to the future of cloud dynamics. Last year, the martech landscape was up to 8,000 […]

Marketing Superpowers: How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker

Marketing Superpowers: How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker

Two days ago, I delivered my keynote for the latest (still virtual) MarTech conference, titled Marketing Superpowers: How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker. I wanted to begin with an original epic-sounding musical theme played by a full orchestra that would get everyone in the superhero mood. But I didn’t spend […]

A blossoming martech platform: IDC sizes the HubSpot ecosystem at $6.4 billion this year, $12.5 billion in 2024

HubSpot's Platform Ecosystem Market Size

Our business model fundamentally is about creating more surplus outside us. We will only be long-term successful if people are making more money around us. That quote from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, from a few years ago, resonates deeply with me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Microsoft is now a $1.7 trillion […]

The Martech Show Episode #12: Martech Wars on the Web

The Martech Show Episode #12: Martech Wars on the Web

On its surface, the martech landscape graphic I’ve produced for the past decade has limited insights to offer. If you observe that (a) “there are a @&#$% of martech solutions” and (b) “the overall martech field is growing, not shrinking” you’ve pretty much got the main takeaways. See platform dynamics driving martech app expansion and […]

Don’t miss the FREE MarTech conference online next week, March 16-17

MarTech Spring 2021

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, as I’ve been heads down working on my keynote for the upcoming MarTech conference. It’s all about “no code” for marketers, and I’m seriously looking forward to sharing it with you: KEYNOTE — Marketing Superpowers: How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker Faster […]

The Martech Show Episode #11: The Great Unbundling with Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans on The Martech Show

The Martech Show is back! Our latest episode is an interview with Benedict Evans, tech and media analyst extraordinaire, talking about his latest presentation, The Great Unbundling, and what it means for marketers and martech. Here’s a transcribed excerpt from Benedict explaining how the “The Great Unbundling” breaks the traditional silos of the different budgets […]

More evidence that the Golden Age of Salestech has arrived

2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape

Just last month, I wrote that salestech is the new martech, and that it’s supercharging both professions. Here’s more data to support that case. First, the 2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape above, produced by Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools, was released last week. It now features 1,078 solutions across 45 unique categories. It reminds me […]

No code app creators, startups, and the future of enterprise marketing

Where Do (Bubble) No Code Users Work?

Bubble is one the leading no code platforms for building web apps. The team at Blue Green and I dabbled with it a bit for producing The Martech 5000 online database last year, and I was impressed by its power and flexibility. (For a richer example of what can be built, check out Martechbase, built […]