I have started a new live talk show on current marketing technology issues and events, chiefmartecTV, sponsored by the MarTech Conference.

It’s a 30-minute show, currently produced monthly, that usually features one special guest. We typically go deep on one topic, something that lends itself to an unscripted point-counterpoint discussion.

The show was broadcast live on Blab and recorded to be able to watch later on YouTube. Sadly, Blab has shut down, so we’re currently in the process of looking at other platforms to move the show to — stay tuned.

Blab had the wonderful feature of allowing “call in” participants — so if you were watching it live, you could request to join in to ask me or my guest your own questions. We’ll see how we can keep that feature moving forward.

Episode 3: Marketing Technology as a Strategic Asset

With special guest Liam O’Connor, Principal at Lenati.

Over the past several months, the digital customer engagement team at Lenati and I collaborated on a qualitative research study of how senior marketers — executives from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises — strategically manage marketing technology in their organizations.

We interviewed leaders from companies such as Hilton, Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, Tableau, and Dun & Bradstreet to learn:

  • How do they decide which Martech bets to make?
  • As they make those bets, how do they maximize their value?
  • How do they recruit, hire, and nurture the right team?
  • How do they drive innovation and stay in front of what’s next?

Their answers revealed many valuable lessons about emerging best practices in marketing technology management — and included more than a few surprises!

The report was released the week of August 8, and in a rare moment of synchronized editorial planning here at, Liam O’Connor, the principal at Lenati who led this project, joined me for Episode 3 of chiefmartecTV last Friday to discuss several of the more interesting revelations from those interviews.

You can watch the YouTube recording of the show here:

Episode 2: Agile Marketing

With special guest Roland Smart, VP of Social & Community Marketing at Oracle and author of The Agile Marketer.

Roland Smart: The Agile Marketer

Our last chiefmartecTV program covered The Myths and Monsters of Agile Marketing, with special guest Roland Smart, who’s the author of the terrific book The Agile Marketer.

But because agile marketing is a relatively young practice — indeed, the specific tools and tactics bundled under the label of “agile marketing” vary significantly from one company to the next — there remain many questions and concerns about how to embrace and implement an agile approach. Roland and I tackled a number of these myths and monsters, such as:

  • Can agile marketing be adopted bottom-up or top-down in an organization?
  • How do you keep adaptive, agile teams focused and aligned on a common strategy?
  • Is agile just for small marketing teams? How do you scale agile in a larger department?
  • How does agile marketing work with agencies and contractors in the loop?

You can watch the recording of the show on YouTube:

Previous Episode 1: The Innovation Explosion

With special guest David Raab.

The first chiefmartecTV show was broadcast live on Friday, June 10, at 2pm EDT. My guest was the amazing David Raab, one of the smartest marketing tech analysts I know — and a fellow with a wonderfully dry sense of humor.

Our topic was Accelerating Waves of Marketing Technology. The rate at which new technology-powered marketing paradigms are arriving — recently: ABM (account-based marketing), CDP (customer data platforms), JOE (journey orchestration engines) — has been accelerating. This presents challenges for marketers to have enough time to absorb these innovations before the next one arrives, as well as challenges for marketing tech vendors and their investors, who have traditionally followed a playbook of overinvesting in short-term growth to later reap rewards in market maturity. But what happens if something else disrupts their trajectory before they ever reach that maturity?

Accelerating Waves of Marketing Technology

David and I examined the dynamics of this phenomenon, debated its causes and effects, and discussed strategies that marketers and vendors can use to manage it.

You can watch the replay of the show here:

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