Digital marketing is now reappropriating the sales budget

Digital Marketing Sources of Funding

It probably comes as no surprise that digital marketing budgets are rising. But the velocity of growth is actually quite breathtaking. In research conducted by Gartner among their clientele, digital marketing budgets rose 20% in 2013. And they’re expected to rise again by double digits in 2014. For large companies, those are large budgets being […]

Announcing MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference — a conference designed expressly for you, leaders at the intersection of marketing, strategy, and technology. The inaugural MarTech event will take place this August 19-20 in Boston at the beautiful Seaport Hotel and Convention Center. And I really hope you’ll […]

Want to understand the org chart of modern marketing?

An Old School Org Chart from 1917

I sure do. We know that marketing is changing dramatically — a perfect storm of social networks, omniscient search engines, big data, an explosion of marketing software, and the ascendency of digitally-powered customer experiences. The technology and the customer-centric phenomena in this transformation are fascinating — and are well-covered by a bevy of analysts, bloggers, […]

General Colin Powell: programmer and agile manager?

Colin Powell at SAS Global Forum 2014

I was delighted to spend a couple of days at the SAS Global Forum in D.C. this week, where I presented the story of agile marketing to their data-driven — really, truly data-driven — audience. (The Cliff-Notes version: Agile management methods mixed with good analytics are a potent combination. The technology is ready. The challenges […]

10 things I hate about narrow CIO vs. CMO arguments

CIO vs. CMO Twitter Debate

Last night, Vala Afshar and Michael Krigsman announced on Twitter that I would be their guest on CxO Talk show this Friday. A harmless enough promotional tweet, I thought. But crikey, it instigated a bit of a Twitter brawl over the topic of CMOs, CIOs, and tech budgets. Here’s a sample of how it started: […]

A NEW BRAND OF MARKETING: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline

A New Brand of Marketing

“The modern CMO and marketer can no longer be just a brand ambassador, they must also have a deep understanding of marketing technology. Scott Brinker helps the reader to understand how technology can be used for both successful marketing strategy and execution.” – Jonathan Becher, CMO, SAP I’ve written a very short book, A NEW […]

Software is the new channel middleman in marketing

Software as a Channel (Expanded)

The Internet was supposed to be The Great Disintermediation Machine, collapsing the relationship between marketers and customers from this: To this: And indeed, that disintermediation has happened in many businesses. E-commerce is now over a trillion dollars a year. While some of that goes through Internet retailers like Amazon, much of it is direct with […]

81% of big firms now have a chief marketing technologist

Primary Responsibilities of Chief Marketing Technologists

Looking at the latest marketing technology landscape, you might ask yourself, “How the heck do marketers make sense of all of this?” Increasingly, the answer is: they have a chief marketing technologist. A terrific new research report by Laura McLellan of Gartner, How the Presence of a Chief Marketing Technologist Impacts Marketing, confirms that this […]

Strategy, marketing, and technology are all intertwined

Marketing, Technology, and Strategy

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose covered my latest marketing technology landscape as part of their PNR: This Old Marketing podcast this week. They start on this segment around the 24:49 mark, with a riff on the Saturday Night Live The Rent Is Too Damn High skit. “Digital marketing is too damn complicated!” It’s a terrific […]

Free chapter from Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems

Free chapter from Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems: Software-driven marketing ROI chapter

I recently contributed a chapter to a book called Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems, edited by Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila. The book offers a variety of perspectives from 32 contributors on “the seismic shift from a single TV-centric path to a multichannel interactive ecosystem which puts digital technology at the heart of every campaign.” To promote […]