What to expect when you’re expecting #MarTech next month

MarTech San Francisco

We’re 6 weeks away from the next MarTech conference in San Francisco. My anticipation is building — I’m eagerly drumming my fingers on my desk as I write this (much to the annoyance of the person sitting next to me). This will be the biggest and best one yet, and I wanted to give you […]

Hacking Marketing: Rethinking Marketing Management in a Software World

Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative

What can marketers learn from software developers to harness — rather than struggle against — the dynamics of a digital world? I made a passing reference to this when announcing the upcoming MarTech conference, but I’m excited to make it official: I’ve written a book called Hacking Marketing that will be published by Wiley next […]

How marketing technology could transform healthcare

Convergence of Marketing Technology and Healthcare

The following is a guest post by Mayur Gupta, a pioneering chief marketing technologist and author of the Inspire Martech blog, who is now a senior vice president and head of digital at HealthGrades. Mayur is also on the board of advisors for the MarTech conference, and he will be one of our featured speakers […]

Check out the next MarTech agenda and save $500 this week only

MarTech Agenda San Francisco 2016

Welcome to 2016! This is going to be a terrific year for marketing technology — and marketing technologists. As I pseudo-predicted last month, I believe this will be the year that we see significant “mainstreaming” of a wide range of marketing technologies — a lot more companies are going to be leveraging more advanced martech […]

Best. MarTech. Ever. Coming this March in San Francisco

MarTech: The Marketing Technology Conference

Wow, you can’t scroll a mobile screenful on Twitter these days without hitting at least three predictions for 2016. I’ve got a few bubbling in the back of my head — my recent posts on the 5 stages of maturity in marketing technology categories and the race for the #1 and #2 marketing technology brands […]

5 big martech challenges that marketers will face in 2016

Point Solutions vs. Stack Solutions

The following is a guest post by Ashu Garg, general partner at Foundation Capital. Disclosure: they invested in TubeMogul, which is mentioned in this article, as well as other adtech and martech companies. The evolution of marketing technology has come a long way this year. When I first published MarTech and the Decade of the […]

Here’s just a taste of what transpired at MarTech Europe this week

MarTech Europe: Carlsberg's Group Marketing Technologist

We just wrapped up the first ever MarTech Europe conference, and my head is still spinning from everything that was packed into those two days. But I’m eager to share some of the key takeaways I had from the event with you, while they’re fresh in my mind. First though, let me say THANK YOU […]

The intersection of marketing and software comes to life in London

Parallels between Marketing and Software

I’ve been thinking a lot about the parallels between marketing and software development lately. Certainly there is a tremendous amount of marketing software that marketers are applying in their profession. But the relationship between these two fields has become more entangled than that. The illustration at the top of this post is a sketch of […]

Integrating marketing technologies? That’s the easy part

Obstacles to Marketing Technology Success

Is the “integration” challenge of marketing technology really our top obstacle? There are two studies that I’ve come across in the past couple of weeks that have caused me to wonder if integration has become a bit of a red herring for marketers who are wrestling with the much more hairy, vicious, pointy-toothed beast of […]

The 5 digital dynamics that are transforming marketing

5 Digital Dynamics Transforming Marketing

As I prepare for the MarTech Europe conference coming up in a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about “digital transformation” — a topic that is entwined in the evolution of marketing, even though it’s much, much bigger than just marketing. Digital transformation is about reimagining a business in the digital world. Or, if “reimagining” is too […]