July 2008

Marketer-technologists for agencies

Earlier this week, Adweek published An Open Letter to the CEO of WPP that I wrote as a guest columnist. WPP is one of the top advertising holding companies in the world — up there with Omnicom, Publicis, and Interpublic. Its more well-known subsidiaries include Ogilvy, Young & Rubicam, and J. Walter Thompson. The reason for my letter was to dissuade WPP from fighting Google and Microsoft directly to get a piece of the current …

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Debate on The Long Tail

Chris Anderson’s theory of The Long Tail in Internet commerce and marketing has been one of the more influential concepts in online strategy and business models. Amazon, Google, eBay, iTunes, NetFlix — these are all major Long Tail success stories. I’d contend that many of the current best strategies in search engine optimization are essentially derived from Long Tail theory. These ideas will therefore be naturally extended into semantic marketing and SEO++ accordingly. Even MySpace, …

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