Appoint a marketing technology czar

Avi Dan has a great article that was published yesterday in Advertising Age, Why Brands Should Embrace Technological Change.

It’s an excellent piece talking about the rapid shifts in marketing technology and encouraging CMOs to embrace the phenomenon with all their heart (and all their organizational structure).

I was pleased to see him advocate for a chief marketing technologist role that would report to the CMO:

CMOs must lead a number of internal changes as well. The first is to recognize that technology is no less a marketing tool than, say, market research, and appoint a “marketing-technology czar” to champion it. That person’s responsibility will be to act as a cross-functional facilitator and identify technology that can enhance marketing activity and brand building.”

I prefer the chief marketing technologist title, but “czar” has a nice ring to it too.

I love Avi’s closing remarks: “To navigate through the added complexity of the technological eruption, they have to go beyond just tolerating it to become active participants and advocates of the new marketing ecosystem.”

“They ought to embrace the speed of change and view it as a brand asset.”

(My enthusiastic emphasis added.)

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