Linked data lab at MIT was excellent

Earlier this month, MIT ran a special Linked Data Product Development Lab during their Independent Activities Period (IAP).

The lab brought together an eclectic mix of students and alumni, engineers and entrepreneurs, for a week of lectures, hands-on workshops, and collaborative team projects — all focused on the present-day capabilities of linked data. Sir Tim Berners-Lee kicked off the event with an inspiring talk about the vision of linked data.

I had the pleasure of presenting on the “business value of linked data” panel on the second morning, along with K. Krasnow Waterman (one of the organizers behind the event) and Evan Sandhaus of The New York Times.

By the way, if you haven’t yet checked out, I’d highly encourage you to do so. Evan gave an inspiring talk about what they’re up to, and it’s well worth examining it from the perspective of any publisher. And in this day and age of search and social media marketing, just about every company is a publisher to some degree or another.

My topic on the panel, as frequent readers here might expect, was marketing with linked data. Here’s the brief slide deck I put together for it:

It was an excellent event. My thanks to the organizers for inviting me to participate. (It also afforded me the opportunity to meet Kingsley Idehen, one of the leading advocates for the business opportunities enabled by the semantic web — and a frequenter commenter on this blog.)

I’ll also be speaking on this topic later this week at the Web 3.0 Conference in Santa Clara on the Web of Data: Semantic Web in Marketing panel with Krista Thomas and moderator Carla Thompson.

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