Q&A threat to Google that marketers should watch

Search engines created a new ecosystem for consumers and marketers — and in the process made Google worth around $200 billion. If you put aside the hype, the core value proposition is simple: people go to Google looking for things, and marketers whose products or services are related to those things are thrilled to buy […]

Why the marketing technology genie isn’t going back into the IT bottle

InformationWeek just published a guest article of mine, Why Marketing Should Run Its Own Technology. While I’ve been advocating greater technology leadership to marketers for a while, this is my first attempt to “reach across the aisle” and make my case directly to the IT community. Always up for a lively conversation, I don’t pull […]

Advocating marketing technology leadership at Pivot

Earlier this week I had the honor of presenting at Pivot, a new conference in New York City hosted by Chris Shipley (see 5 reasons to be excited about Pivot). My talk: The Case for a Chief Marketing Technologist. It sparked a number of interesting conversions, both at the conference and around a wonderful article […]

Marketing technology shouldn’t be divided in two

It’s been a great few weeks for the “chief marketing technologist” meme: the CMO Strategy editorial in Advertising Age, an article in Marketing Sherpa, and an amazing post by Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation — which spurred a lively discussion in its comments! — with follow-up mentions by Eric D. Brown, Steve Johnson […]

If Microsoft acquires Adobe for online marketing

Thanks to The New York Times article yesterday — What Did Microsoft and Adobe Chiefs Talk About? — there are a lot of rumors flying about a potential merger between the two. Although the hubbub surrounding this possibility is mostly about (1) the two teaming up to compete with Apple, particularly in the mobile space, […]

Align or redefine the CMO and CIO?

The CMO Council and Accenture just released a new report, Driving Revenue Through Customer Relevance: Aligning the CMO and CIO to Achieve Agile Intelligent Marketing. We should start by noting that Accenture makes its money through IT consulting. Based on the executive summary I reviewed, it strikes me as less of a blueprint for the […]