Interactive content hits a milestone in The Great Content Wars

Interactive Content on The New York Times Front Page

Last Wednesday was a bit of a historic moment. When I visited The New York Times website that morning, I was amazed to see that the featured story on the front page was implemented using interactive content. The story — How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers? — was produced as […]

21 native ads for marketing geeks that will shock you

Native Ads for Marketing Geeks

I get exposed to a lot of low-brow native advertising as I puruse the web. If this is the result of intentional, personalized targeting — yikes — I shudder to imagine the profile that these advertisers have concocted for me. I’m constantly being tempted to learn surprising secrets of weight loss, the one trick my […]

The 4th Wave of Content Marketing (recorded webinar)

The 4th Wave of Content Marketing

Last month I did a joint webinar with Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, on the growing phenomenon of “marketing apps” as a new wave of content marketing. Demand Metric had just completed a research project with 185 marketers to compare the effects of passive vs. interactive content on their digital marketing programs — […]

Moving a blog is quintessential marketing technologist work

Theory vs. Practice

Migrating a blog from one platform to another reminds me of the saying: “In theory, theory and practice are the same; in practice, they’re different.” In the process of moving this blog from Typepad to WordPress — on the occasion of our 5th anniversary — I was struck by how this is exactly the sort […]

“The problem is very rarely data…”

“The problem is very rarely data, or that we don’t have access to data.” So said Avinash Kaushik, web analytics and marketing data guru, in his keynote at this week’s SES conference in San Francisco. In Avinash’s view, business optimization in the digital world requires mastering three things: Influence — reaching the right people at […]

Advertising on Google? Helps to know Javascript

Javascript is something that all web programmers should know. But advertisers? The people who manage paid search campaigns on Google? What possible use could they have for learning Javascript? Google has one in mind. At SES San Francisco this week, I sat in on a Google session where they were demonstrating new features in their […]

How to manage social media marketing (book review)

I just read Social Marketology by Ric Dragon, and I have to say, I love business books like this. It’s intelligent and practical, written in a direct yet entertaining style, and delivers meaty ideas that you can put into practice pretty much immediately. First, full disclosure, McGraw-Hill sent me a free copy of the book […]

Brand impact or conversion rate? Both, please!

From my latest article on Search Engine Land, 5 Colorful Sketches on Conversion Optimization: The accompanying write-up in the article: There can be a perceived tension between conversion rate optimization and brand impact, which dates back to the early rivalries of direct marketing vs. brand marketing. But it’s a false choice: you can — and […]

Why landing pages are awesome (a Venn diagram)

I picked up the new 53 Paper app for the iPad this weekend. Really a beautiful piece of software for sketching ideas without having to be an Illustrator jockey. Inspired me to share why I find landing pages (and microsites, conversion paths, and other kinds of post-click marketing) — the focus of my company, ion […]

3 takeaways on advertising and trust from Nielsen

Dave Chaffey curated a great graphic from Nielsen’s most recent report on Trends in Advertising Spend and Effectiveness: As a visualization of Nielsen’s Global Online Survey of U.S. Internet consumers from Q1, there’s a lot of insight embedded here. Of course, recommendations from people I know leads by a mile — 76% of people trust […]