Interview request for marketing technologists

interviewing marketing technologists

Paul Dunay listed the rise of the marketing technologist as one of his 11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011. “Marketers for the last few years have been closet techno geeks, and it’s time for them to rise up — companies need digitally fluent marketers who can apply technologies to make marketing more measurable and scientific.”

Hear, hear! So starting in 2011, I’d like to put a spotlight on these rising stars and launch a series of interviews with other marketing technologists. They would be published on this blog — as well as likely used in other publications. (I’ve been fielding a lot of requests from journalists who want to feature marketing technologists in other stories.)

Questions for these interviews might include:

  • Did you start your career in marketing or in software engineering/IT?
  • Where do you fit in the organizational structure of your company?
  • What does “a day in the life” of your job look like?
  • What are 3 marketing technologies that you find most exciting these days?
  • What advice would you give other budding marketing technologists?

If you’re a marketing technologist, and you’d like to share some of your experience with others, I’d love to have you participate. Just send me a message to “sbrinker” at and briefly introduce yourself.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year!


  1. Scott – thanks so much for picking up on my mention of the Marketing Technologist – I would love to take part in your series of interviews just let me know

  2. I’d love to be included. I have developed a ‘practical, tactical’ approach to social media that is yielding great results for small business, non-profits and schools. See

  3. Count me in. This makes alot of sense to me. Would love to discuss more.

  4. I am excited to see this series! In a previous life I was a research/software engineer and transitioned to sales and now marketing at a global tech company. Marketing technologist epitomizes one of my career goals/interest.

  5. Love it. Sign me up.

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