Thinking of marketing technology as a platform

Building a Marketing Technology Platform with Steve Gibbon

Later this week, I’ll be publishing a marketing technologist interview with Cleve Gibbon, the CTO of Cognifide. As a sneak preview for that, I’d like to share with you Cleve’s presentation from last week at the Adobe Partner Community Day in Barcelona.

Cleve’s presentation — building a marketing technology platform for engaging global brands — offers some excellent insights into a “platform” view of marketing technology, especially around going from content management to customer experience management:

What I want to talk to you today is about marketing technology platforms and how we got there. Because the journey wasn’t as simple as it should have been.

First of all, I want to talk about three shifts:

The first shift is in marketing, and there has been a noticeable shift in which brands think about how they market. Traditional marketing moving into content marketing, and we’ll talk about that.

The next big shift was a technology shift. And this isn’t a shift in terms of what technologies we use: HTML, XML, HTTP. They’re all known quantities. But the way in which we use the technologies has shifted, and how that adjusts our thinking in terms of marketing, I’ll cover again.

Also, I want to talk about a platform shift. In terms of the platform, the shift there is more about how you get everything together and in and out of a platform. When we first started on our journey, we started talking about content management, but it sort of grew. And I want to show how that grew from a solution into a platform.

Then I want to give you some hard facts around Skype, which is one of our clients, and how they perceive customer experience management and what we’re doing with them, taking them on their journey from content management all the way through to customer experience management.

Click here for the entire presentation.

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1 thought on “Thinking of marketing technology as a platform”

  1. Excellent presentation.
    I’m very excited to see this field moving along the path to mainstream acceptance. I look forward to watching the evolution of marketing technology.

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