State of the Marketing Technologist 2012

It’s that time of year again. This blog’s anniversary — our fourth (!) — and time to look at the evolution of the “marketing technologist” meme over the past year. First, let’s start with an update on Google searches: Google Search February 2008 February 2011 February 2012   chief marketing technologist 320 320,000 265,000 ↓ 17% […]

Digital marketing matures beyond “best practices”

My latest article on Search Engine Land, Landing Pages 3.0, makes the case that landing pages and conversion optimization are moving beyond the era of “best practices.” But I actually believe this is a representative sign of digital marketing maturing more broadly. Consider this excerpt from the article: Whereas the height of Landing Pages 2.0 […]

3-minute interview: why marketing technologists now

Bertil Snel, who arranged for me to present on the marketing technologist role at last year’s Adobe Partner Day, just posted a follow-up — the marketer of the future is a “techy” — including a post-event video interview we did backstage. His post is in Dutch, but thanks to the miracle of Google Translate, I’m […]

Marketing as an object-oriented program?

I ran across an inspiring blog post this week by Jacques Spilka of Whatsnexx, titled Complexity killed marketing automation! (The if-it-bleeds-it-leads school of blog post headlines.) Jacques made two insightful points: 1. Marketing automation programming can get complicated fast First, he cut right to the quick of the challenge of marketing automation: for marketing automation […]