VentureBeat says Chief Marketing Technology Officers are hot

Well, not hot like the Real Housewives of Madison Avenue. But in their article — The hot new CxO: Chief Marketing Technology Officer? — they acknowledge “a new role that’s a cross between the traditional chief marketing officer and chief technology officer.” And it’s become a hot topic.

“CMTOs are using significant technology and analytical expertise to help companies make sense of and exploit vast amounts of customer and market data from sources as diverse as Facebook, the company blog, customer databases, sales information, and trending tweets on Twitter.”

Most of their case for CMTO hotness is presented in an infographic, which I’ve included below (click on it to go to their original):

The New Role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer

I couldn’t agree more. Want to learn more about marketing technologists and CMTOs? I humbly offer these prior posts from this blog as a starting point:

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