IBM champions the chief marketing technologist

Virginia Sharma, VP of Marketing and Communications at IBM India/South Asia, recently posted a presentation on SlideShare titled The New Profession on a Smarter Planet: Chief Marketing Technologist.

According to Virginia, the timeless responsibilities of marketers everywhere:

  • Knowing the customer.
  • Defining what to market and how to market it.
  • Protecting the brand promise.

…are evolving into three imperatives for a new profession:

  • Understanding each customer as an individual.
  • Creating a system of engagement that maximizes value creation at every touch.
  • Designing your culture and brand so they are authentically one.

“In this transformation of the marketing function, the transformation of technology and the way it’s used is critical. The new profession: the chief marketing technologist.”


  1. I was so inspired by this post and the SlideShare presentation that I just registered . It is routed to my LinkedIn profile currently, but I am going to set up my own blog for this soon!

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