5 thoughts on Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua for $871 million

Wow, this certainly tops off a spectacular year in the marketing technology space: yesterday, Eloqua announced that it was being acquired by Oracle for $871 million. Reflecting on this last night, five thoughts came to mind: Thought #1: Congratulations First, big congratulations to Joe Payne, Steven Woods, and the rest of the Eloqua team! I’ve […]

How a marketing technologist says “Happy Holidays”

It’s been a great year — and a busy one — for everyone in the marketing technology space. And all indications are that next year will be even more of a rocketship. For now though, I just want to say thank you for reading and contributing to this blog this year. The exchange of ideas […]

Why this CMO loathes marketing plans (interview)

One of my favorite marketers in the Boston area is Frank Days. He’s super smart, speaks his mind, and is a great champion of innovation in the marketing department. He was one of the early pioneers of agile marketing, implementing it at Novell several years ago and sharing his experience with others. So I was […]

Agile marketing in 20 slides and 5 minutes (video)

“What the heck is this agile marketing thing people keep talking about?!” If that question is on your mind — and you aren’t familiar with agile software development, from which its ideas sprang — this 5 minute video will give you the quick lowdown. It was recorded at the ASAE’s technology conference earlier this month […]

4 out 5 analysts recommend a marketing technology office

Admittedly, the statistical validity of that headline is suspect. As a child of the 80’s, back when people actually watched commercials on our sole screen in the living room, such tag lines were embedded in my psyche and occasionally pop out. (I always wondered why the fifth dentist from those Trident commercials was such a […]

5 marketing meta-trends (the presentation)

I’m giving a presentation today at the ITSMA‘s annual marketing conferencing on the topics of agile marketing and the rise of marketing technologists — two of my favorite subjects. I’ll be discussing them in the context of the 5 meta-trends in modern marketing that I wrote about earlier this year. Here’s the presentation, along with […]