How formal should your marketing experiments be?

Marketing Experimentation Risk Matrix

How formal should your marketing experimentation programs be? That was the question I was asking myself looking at the above “test definition brief” that was included in a report jointly produced by Google and the Marketing Leadership Council: The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing. The report — which I think is terrific overall for a […]

Marketing data: exploration vs. confirmation

Marketing Data: Exploration vs. Confirmation

There is tremendous excitement around data-driven marketing. A whole catalog of data-related phrases are echoing throughout the marketing world: big data, data mining, data science, data exchanges, data management platforms, controlled experiments (“big testing“), analytics, metrics, dashboards, etc. But the data driving all these different activities isn’t quite the same. Or, more accurately, the contexts in […]

The blurring of agencies, software vendors, and IT shops

Service Providers in the EMM Stack

The Jordan Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI), a leading investment bank in the marketing and media space, recently released a new report on the enterprise marketing management (EMM) stack. They start by noting that from 2010-2012, four companies (“The Big Four”) have invested over $20 billion in marketing technology M&A: Adobe, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce. But […]

Data is marketing’s gateway drug to software fluency

The Circle of Life of Data

In observing the language that CIOs and CMOs alike keep using around the big data bubble — where both parties seem ready to acknowledge that marketing is in the hot seat for making productive use of data — I’m starting to conclude one of two things: “Data” is a euphemism for all application-level marketing technology. […]

Moving a blog is quintessential marketing technologist work

Theory vs. Practice

Migrating a blog from one platform to another reminds me of the saying: “In theory, theory and practice are the same; in practice, they’re different.” In the process of moving this blog from Typepad to WordPress — on the occasion of our 5th anniversary — I was struck by how this is exactly the sort […]

5 years worth of marketing technology geekery

5 Years of Chief Marketing Technologist

This month marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of this blog. The momentum that has grown around these topics of marketing technology management, marketing technologists, marketing software, marketing data, agile marketing, etc., has been incredibly exciting. Thank you for reading, sharing, and contributing. On the occasion of this 5th anniversary, I decided to invest […]