Marketers must be equal parts creative, tech, and finance

Nick Bell

Earlier this month, I read Oracle/Eloqua’s new report on Defining the Modern Marketer: From Ideal to Real. One of the more fascinating aspects of the report, based on a survey of 556 B2B marketers, was the shifting balance between the “art” of marketing and the “science” of marketing. Which lead me to write: what do […]

A CMO, a CIO, and a chief digital officer walk into a bar…

Chief Digital Officer Sweet Spot

The CMO asks for a drink. The bartender says, “Hmm, no, sorry, from the look of you, I don’t think you know how to hold your liquor.” The CIO asks for a drink. The bartender replies, “I know you know how to drink, but sorry, you haven’t paid off your tab from all those drinks […]

Build and nurture an analytical culture across marketing

Adele Sweetwood

I’ve come to believe that organizational culture is the quintessential competitive advantage. That’s why, for all the tremendous changes underway in the world of marketing today, I’m most fascinated by the evolution of culture in marketing departments, as a function of new responsibilities, new technologies, and — most of all — new people with new […]

Agile marketing for a world of constant change

That is a dead marketing plan.

[UPDATE: I’ve also posted a video recording of this agile marketing presentation that I gave at the Marketo User Summit in April 2013.] Today I’m giving a presentation at the Marketing Operations Executive Summit on agile marketing. Given the tremendous disruption in marketing and business today, I truly believe that embracing an agile approach to […]

Nationwide CMO credits marketing technologist

Nationwide Insurance

On the heels of Gartner’s recent confirmation that marketing technologists are proliferating within marketing departments, I came across this great example in an article in Insurance & Technology — Nationwide CMO: ‘I Have Double-Digit Million Dollars in IT Projects’. In an interview with associate editor Nathan Golia, Nationwide’s EVP and CMO Matt Jauchius acknowledged that […]

Gartner confirms 70% have chief marketing technologist

70% Have a Chief Marketing Technologist

Last year, Gartner found a surprising result — should I have been surprised? — from their high-tech marketing budget survey: 72% of their respondents indicated that there was a “chief marketing technologist” type role in their organization. While I’ve been predicting the rise of the marketing technologist for several years, that struck me as a […]

What do you mean by marketing as a science?

Marketing: Science or Art?

I’m fascinated by this chart that was included in a recent report by Eloqua and BtoB Magazine, Defining the Modern Marketer: From Ideal to Real. Based on a survey of 556 B2B marketing professionals from companies of all sizes and industries, the report reveals current perceptions about what “modern marketing” is today — and should be […]

“Brand debt” and a gap in the agile marketing manifesto

Brand Debt in Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is often celebrated for speed — empowering marketing teams to get more ideas out into the market faster. But while that is often a valuable side benefit, it’s not one of the key principles behind agile marketing. In fact, putting too much emphasis on speed can be detrimental to marketing’s larger mission. The […]