Everyone in marketing should be a marketer scientist

8 characteristics of the marketer scientist

(This also appears as a guest post on SAS’s Left of the Date Line blog for the Asia Pacific region.) Later this month, I’ll have the privilege of meeting with groups of CMOs and other marketing leaders across southeast Asia as part of an event tour with SAS Institute. We’ll be visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, […]

How EMC successfully adopted agile marketing


Agile marketing has been gaining a lot of steam over the past year, but we’re still in the “early adopter” stage of this movement. (If you have no idea what agile marketing is, I recently posted a video introduction to agile marketing as well as an essay version.) Most teams that have adopted agile marketing […]

The very cool marketing technology LUMAscape

Marketing Technology Lumascape

Terry Kawaja and the brilliant folks at LUMA Partners — a modern investment bank specializing in the intersection of media and technology — have just released their Marketing Technology LUMAscape, shown above. A few years ago, Terry put together a similar landscape for the more specialized ad tech space, which became the reference document for […]

Introduction to agile marketing (video presentation)

Agile Marketing Video

Last month, I presented a talk on Agile Marketing: Managing Marketing in a World of Constant Change at the Marketo User Summit in San Francisco. They professionally recorded the session, and with their permission, I’m pleased to be able to share the video and synchronized slide deck with you:

The New Kingmakers are a rising force in marketing too

The CIO is the last to know

In a world powered by software, the developers who create that software — especially the really good ones — are increasingly the center of influence and power in business. That’s the core thesis of Stephen O’Grady’s brief-but-brilliant, 48-page book, The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World. This is highly relevant to marketers and marketing […]

5 ways to make stats in content marketing more credible

Suspicious Statistics in Content Marketing

As marketers, we want to be better consumers of data. Presented with data and its analysis, we want to be able to judge its accuracy and relevance to our decision making. We want to gauge its ambiguity and uncertainty, even though on the surface we’re being presented with quantified “facts.” We want to detect bias […]