The very cool marketing technology LUMAscape

Marketing Technology Lumascape

Terry Kawaja and the brilliant folks at LUMA Partners — a modern investment bank specializing in the intersection of media and technology — have just released their Marketing Technology LUMAscape, shown above.

A few years ago, Terry put together a similar landscape for the more specialized ad tech space, which became the reference document for that industry. It was also what inspired me to create a marketing technology landscape in a similar vein.

However, while my landscape was intended just to help people visualize the sheer breadth and diversity of the marketing technology space, Terry and his team have clearly put a lot more work into illuminating the structure of the industry — for instance, how categories relate to each other into meta-categories.

They also use dashed red boxes to identify firms that have been acquired, but whose technologies are still active in the market. This is very helpful to see which categories have been hotbeds of acquisition and consolidation, which categories are still more independent, and where there is more red ocean competition or more open greenfield.

Nicely done!

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