Most marketing automation is really experience design

Abstraction and Probability in Marketing Automation

If you were going to pick a representative image of marketing automation, it would surely be one of these flow-like diagrams: If a customer visits this page, then send this email — if they’re a qualified lead — else wait 2 days and send them this other email — if we know their email address […]

Memo to Microsoft: Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

The Empire Strikes Back in Marketing?

Dear Steve Ballmer — I have three words for you. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. No, not Microsoft’s own marketing — although that’s a related topic. The “marketing” that Microsoft must urgently pay attention to is marketing as a software-driven business function. It is the hottest growing market in enterprise and SMB software alike. And its future […]

A vision of marketing orchestration beyond automation

Steve Krause

Southwest Airlines. Whole Foods. Lego. Dollar Rent-a-Car. Under Armour. These are all great brands. And behind every great brand these days, it’s worth asking — if you’re a marketing technologist — what marketing software are they using? The common denominator across those five — and many more like them — is a cloud-based digital marketing […]

Robots vs. marketers: the algorithmic marketing matrix

Algorithmic Marketing Matrix

Last week, Bank of America suffered brand damage with an automated social media bot. Their intent was good: to automatically detect tweets that mentioned the bank and reach out with an invitation to help. But their algorithm was unable to distinguish between a routine customer service situation and a brand nightmare protest. The result — […]

In defense of marketing technology point solutions

Less Integration vs. More Specialized Capabilities

There is a myth that implementing a marketing technology point solution is a bad idea. Like giving your significant other a bathroom scale as a birthday present is a bad idea. First aid kit sold separately. But it is a myth. (The bathroom scale is still a bad idea though.) I’ll explain what a point […]

Convergence of marketing and technology interview

Marketing Punctuated Equilibrium

Jeff Ogden, host of the popular video series Marketing Made Simple TV, interviewed me for his latest show on the convergence of marketing and technology: (Apologies that the audio and video are a little out of sync — apparently a bug in the recording by Watchitoo that they’re fixing for subsequent shows.) We discussed topics […]

With big technology budget comes big CMO responsibility

Technology Authority v. Knowledge Matrix

“It’s no longer a question of whether technology plays a role in marketing; it’s about what role the CMO needs to play in selecting the best solution to drive marketing and overall business success.” So begins the latest Forrester report, The CMO’s Role In Technology Purchasing ($499), by Sheryl Pattek. She summarized the report in […]