Convergence of marketing and technology interview

Jeff Ogden, host of the popular video series Marketing Made Simple TV, interviewed me for his latest show on the convergence of marketing and technology:

(Apologies that the audio and video are a little out of sync — apparently a bug in the recording by Watchitoo that they’re fixing for subsequent shows.)

We discussed topics around a number of popular posts from this blog:

Here’s one excerpt from our discussion:

If the new CMO at Johnson & Johnson were to call you up: “Scott, I love your blog, what should I be thinking about? What should be important to me?” What you would tell that new CMO of a consumer products company or a B2B company? What the heck should they be thinking about?

I would hesitate to have a definitive answer for that in 30 seconds or less. 🙂

But I think it is this combination of looking externally with the questions of: what do we need to do to engage with our customer as they are today and as they are evolving? We can see these trends of how consumers are changing, the way they interact with brands, the way they make purchases, the way they interact with each other.

So forgetting the technology operationally for a moment, from a marketing strategy, what does that company need to do for the next five years to really be where its audience is? And then based on that, then go inside and say, “Okay, well, what sort of capabilities do we need to have to make that happen?”

Getting their hands around the marketing technology piece of this, really bringing up marketing operations 2.0, getting to that next level, is certainly important. But it’s not the only thing. It’s how that marketing technology intersects with creative teams, how it intersects with customer engagement teams. Really laying out those pieces and developing a roadmap for how do we get there from here. How is that going to impact our relationship with IT? How is that going to impact our relationship with our agencies?

It’s a big job. But fun though.

Thanks, Jeff!

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