Chief Marketing Technologists earn $140,000 – $241,000

Chief Marketing Technologist Salary Range 2014-2015 (Mondo)

Mondo 2014-2015 Digital Marketing Salary Guide

How much does a chief marketing technologist earn? It depends on the size of the company, the industry, and the region, but according to the Mondo Resourcing & Staffing Agency the range is $140,000 to $241,000.

The only digital marketing executive position paid more, on average, were Chief Digital Officers, earning between $148,000 to $280,000. VP Digital Marketing, VP eCommerce, and VP Marketing Communications each earned less.

These numbers were reported in Mondo’s recently released 2014-2015 Digital Marketing Salary Guide, which compiled data from a couple of thousand placements of marketing and IT professionals. While such data almost certainly has biases for Mondo’s client base — i.e., it’s not a random sample — it’s still a significant point on the curve.

It’s actually noteworthy that “Chief Marketing Technologist” is now being recognized as a title common enough to warrant a line item in such a report. While Gartner’s research on chief marketing technologists has shown that role has become essential in enterprises, the labels people use for these positions have varied tremendously — which has limited their visibility.

But that’s changing steadily. This report, Gartner’s research, and the recent article on The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist in Harvard Business Review are all great steps forward in the recognition of these hybrid marketing/technology leaders.

The gathering of several hundred marketing technology leaders at MarTech coming up in late August — which, by the way, you only have until July 11 for the “beta” rate to save $150 if you want to attend — is also strong evidence of the momentum this field is achieving.

However, the most fascinating statistic by far from Mondo’s report is that chief marketing technologists have become the most in-demand marketing executive for placements — even ahead of chief digital officers:

Chief Marketing Technologists Top Executive Placement (Mondo)

Feel that? That’s the winds of change, and it’s at the back of marketing technologists.

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4 thoughts on “Chief Marketing Technologists earn $140,000 – $241,000”

  1. CMTO this, CMTO that. Many CMTO theories abound as to the role and importance. Want proof? Follow the money. And the aforementioned shows that companies are making it rain for CMTOs.

  2. Except I don’t see many companies hiring (or at least looking for these types of folks). A quick review of Mondo’s open positions show mostly technical (developer) or mid-level jobs.

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