Navigating the Class V Rapids of Marketing Technology

Scott Brinker at MarcomCentral Summit

Earlier this year, I gave a presentation at the Marketing Operations Executive Summit hosted by the good folks at MarcomCentral that walked through my marketing technology landscape and talked about some of the dynamics with our industry moving towards platform ecosystems.

MarcomCentral recently posted the video, which I’m embedding below (or watch it here if you’re reading this in email and the video doesn’t appear).

They did a nice job of editing between video footage and the slide deck, but unfortunately, the fonts got a bit out of whack in the process — apologies if some of the slides looked like I designed them while a lemur was climbing on my head. There’s something slightly funny about talking about the state-of-the-art in marketing technology and still being laid low by something as mundane as font conversions, eh?

If you’d like to see a version of the slides in their entirety — with the fonts still intact as a bonus — I previously posted the deck on SlideShare.

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