The Marketing Technology Landscape (2015) now in Excel

The Marketing Technology Landscape Excel Spreadsheet

One of the most common questions I get asked about my marketing technology landscape graphic — other than the rhetorical exclamation, “Are you kidding me?” — is: Do you have an Excel spreadsheet of all these companies that you can share with me?

My answers have been, no, I’m not kidding. And no, sorry, I don’t have a version in Excel.

Well, Matt Heinz, Brian Hansford, Robert Pease, and the rest of the good team at Heinz Marketing decided to rectify the lack of an Excel spreadsheet, and they took it upon themselves to build one.


And they didn’t just put the companies and categories into the spreadsheet. They did research on the URLs for each company, their main Twitter account (where they exist), and the location of their headquarters. They also created links into RivalIQ profiles for each of the categories. So it’s quite a handy resource for sorting and searching vendors and doing your own data mining on the sector.

Best of all, you can have it for FREE.

Well, almost for free. You have to give your contact information to Heinz Marketing, who will likely have other content that they want to share with you. But frankly, given the high quality of their content — their blog is on my must-read list — that’s a price that’s well worth paying. More of a bonus gift, really.

Here’s the link where you can download a copy:

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6 thoughts on “The Marketing Technology Landscape (2015) now in Excel”

  1. Hey Scott – we’ve gone through a similar process as we were looking for Martech systems to integrate with.
    The result is an online directory of all vendors on your graphic:
    Clickable, embeddable and shareable! 🙂
    Hope this is useful to others as well, next to the spreadsheet.


  2. Hi Scott, On ZEEF as a visitor of the page you also get insight into the the popularity of the vendors in the page! Look at this block and click on popularity! You can also embed the blocks on your website!

  3. 1996 called, they want their spreadsheet back

    Lets get this fired up on a graph database and make an explorable UI with filters!

    I just me you, and this is crazy, email me maybe haha

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