Thank you to a kaleidoscopic marketing tech community

Marketing Technology Thanksgiving 2015

It’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. tomorrow, and I want to take the occasion to say a heartfelt “thank you” to — first and foremost — you, dear reader. Over the past year, has grown to more than 75,000 regular readers. I am deeply honored that you’ve taken the time to read […]

5 stages of maturity in marketing technology categories

5 Stage of Maturity in Marketing Technology

This is the first of several articles leading up to my predictions for marketing technology in 2016. Because martech is a relatively complex space, I thought it would be helpful — at least for my own thinking — to break out a couple of foundational ideas, which we can then build upon. Let’s start with […]

Marketing data technology: making sense of the puzzle

Marketing Data Technology Map

The following is a guest post by the CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence, Sergio Maldonado. I had the pleasure of meeting Sergio at MarTech Europe last month where he shared a sketch of the above “marketing data technology” landscape with me. I found it very interesting and invited him to share his perspective with readers here. […]

Twitter jumps into interactive micro-content with new poll mechanism

Twitter Poll: A New Mechanism

As an enthusiastic proponent of interactive content — and, admittedly, I am biased — I was fascinated to see Twitter release an interactive content feature into its service last month. You can now add a 2-answer poll to any tweet of yours, and for the next 24 hours, people can place their votes. Okay, given […]