Join us at MarTech next week, online and for free, and catch my keynote: From Big Data to Big Ops

MarTech Fall 2021 Keynote

Join us next Tuesday and Wednesday, September 14-15, for the latest MarTech Conference event — online and completely free to attend. With over 75 sessions, over 100 expert speakers, and more than 50 terrific solution providers, it’s going to be a jam-packed couple of days. Join us live for virtual ambiance — or, if you […]

13 cringe-worthy martech dad jokes that are even worse than last year’s

Martech Dad Jokes 2021

Last year, we celebrated Father’s Day here at by subjecting you, dear reader, whose esteem we otherwise value, to 7 really bad martech “dad jokes”. It was… well, possibly one of the least popular posts in the history of this blog. But as any seasoned dad-joker will attest, the lack of a positive response […]

85 minutes of my best martech content for free, but with one small ask

Discover MarTech

Last month we canceled the MarTech conference that had been planned for this week in San Jose for, well, obvious reasons. We have now set our sights on hosting an in-person MarTech Conference in Boston in early October, when we’re all hoping things are looking better for everyone. In the meantime, the team at Third […]

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, dear martech’ers

LoveTech Landscape

There’s a logo landscape for everything. Even for lovers in a digital time. The above chart was published by CB Insights in their article 60+ Tech Startups To Enhance Your Valentine’s Day and brought to my attention by my friend Ann Handley on Twitter. A good public service reminder, in case you need a last […]

Your martech community needs you: opportunities to speak at MarTech

Speak at MarTech

This is my bi-annual call for leaders, practitioners, and pioneers across the marketing technology and operations community to send in proposals to present at the MarTech conference. Our next event will be in San Jose, April 15-17, and we’re accepting speaker nominations through November 8. The best way to truly master something is to teach […]

The free MarTech Expo+ Pass: 40+ presentations and 70+ martech vendors

MarTech East 2019 Expo Hall

You’ve already read about the incredible line-up we have for paid all-access attendees at the upcoming MarTech conference, September 16-18 in Boston. (If you haven’t, check it out — you won’t believe all the top industry experts and leading brand practitioners who will be sharing their wisdom and experience in our keynotes and educational editorial […]

Join me and Jen Cannon of MarTech Today for a live (and lively) “Ask Me Anything” on Thursday, August 15

Martech Q&A

The MarTech conference is coming up next month — check out our big (and, whoa, I mean BIG) MarTech preview if you haven’t seen it yet. Nota bene (er, nota beta?): discount “beta” rates for tickets expire next week. As part of the run up to the main event, Jennifer Cannon, senior editor at Marketing […]

Time’s up! MarTech is here and it’s your last chance to attend

MarTech Attendee Brands

In just one week, the world’s largest independent marketing technology conference designed for senior-level marketers and marketing technology professionals happens at MarTech in San Francisco. I’ve programed the show with one overarching goal: to illuminate successful real-world practices at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management — no matter which software products or analyst frameworks […]

What do you get when you mix ABM, CDP, AI, VR, and a massive martech landscape?

Stack of Rock: The Ultimate Martech Platform

We, the editorial staff at, near sightless from logo-blindness while working on the 2017 marketing technology landscape (no, that link is the old one), have nonetheless seen the light. In studying thousands of marketing technology companies, until the buzzing of buzzwords now echoes endlessly in our brains, we have triangulated a grand vision for […]

Toughest decision to make about the MarTech conference

MarTech San Francisco 2017 Agenda

Which sessions will you choose at the MarTech conference in San Francisco this May? Okay, sorry, that was kind of a link-baity headline. But seriously, with over 70 presentations by more than 100 speakers, packed into 2 days and 8 tracks — plus over 100 leading marketing technology vendors at the largest, independent exhibit — […]