What can marketers learn from the sciences? Quite a lot

Gord Hotchkiss at MarTech: The Natural Laws of Strategy

Gord Hotchkiss has been one of my sources of professional inspiration for over a decade. One of the pioneers of the search marketing industry, Gord has always had a special talent for blending marketing savvy with broader social and scienfitic thinking in the face of disruptive technologies. He’s masterful at putting the quirks of modern marketing in a larger and more strategic context. His Online Spin column on Mediapost is one of my few weekly must-reads.

So I was absolutely thrilled that Gord agreed to speak at MarTech last month.

Earlier in the year, Gord had shared with me that he was working on a book, tentatively called “The Natural Laws of Strategy.” As the the world of business becomes increasingly non-linear — in a whirlwind of constant change, our strategies and operations so rarely follow straight line patterns — what can we learn from the models that science has developed to understand the dynamics of the natural world?

As you might imagine, that kind of cross-pollination of ideas from disparate disciplines is right up my alley, so I begged Gord to present a preview of his thinking at MarTech. I’m so grateful that he was able to make it, and that we were able to capture his presentation on video:

Thanks, Gord!

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